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Spray Foam Insulation in Scarborough

When comparisons are made between today’s insulation products, the product that invariably rises to the top is spray foam insulation.  It’s considered by industry professionals to be the best product overall, and it’s agreed that spray foam has more benefits and better results than the others.  If you’re shopping for spray foam insulation in Scarborough, take the opportunity to consider Great Northern Insulation for the job.  GNI is well established throughout the GTA, and recognized as a reliable, reputable contractor that specializes in spray foam insulation.

At GNI, our focus is on 100% customer satisfaction.  It’s an approach that applies to every job we do, regardless of scope.  And when it comes to installation, we have a simple principle:  we seal it tight and ventilate it right.  As our customer, you can be certain that your project is being expertly managed from start to finish.  We employ some of the best installers in the business - experts in spray foam insulation, with extensive knowledge of the product and the installation.  When our work is complete, nothing can compare with the finished product.

In the last decade, more and more insulation professionals have turned the spray foam product into their product-of-choice.  For homebuilders, contractors, and renovators, all of them agree that spray foam is a better all-round product.  In fact, GNI will routinely recommend spray foam for new construction, reno projects, and retrofits.  It’s purely because the product delivers great results.    A spray foam application will deliver the possible best R-value; it will seal a cavity much better than anything else; and it will add structural strength wherever it’s installed.

For large spaces like the attic and roof (and inside any wall cavity), spray foam insulation is regarded as the ultimate insulation application.  Generically, it’s known as polyurethane foam, and is the best-suited product for those large spaces.  With a proper install, the spray foam is capable of covering and sealing a space totally – and that includes every little crack and crevice.  It can cover hard-to-reach spaces that are practically impossible to cover with other products.  And coverage is impermeable to both air and moisture – there is no need for a vapor barrier.

Great Northern Insulation believes in a professional install for spray foam insulation.  This is an install that uses special application equipment, and requires the expertise of an installer who knows the ins and outs of the spray foam product.  During an installation, the foam material is sprayed out of a nozzle, and is allowed to spread evenly and uniformly.  It quickly expands where applied, and hardens into a thick, dense coating.  When expertly installed, a given space is totally sealed, fully insulated, and completely impervious to air and moisture.

GNI looks at spray foam insulation as part of a complete “system” once the install is complete.  The “system” creates a balanced indoor environment that results in optimum energy efficiency: heating and cooling costs are reduced; heating and cooling cycles are better balanced; and the HVAC equipment operates at its optimum level of performance.  In addition, indoor air quality and circulation are improved as a result of the overall operation of the “system”.  However, a spray foam application will only deliver those optimum results when professionally installed.

If you are in the process of shopping for spray foam insulation in Scarborough, then it would be a good opportunity to think about Great Northern Insulation for your contracting needs.  Our installers are highly trained and highly experienced, and they always do a job right the first time.  Our install teams obey building and construction codes; they observe the local by-laws; and they install according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  On completion, GNI customers receive a warranty from the manufacturer and a GNI guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.

An expert, professional installation cannot be overstated – it’s essential to the performance and integrity of the spray foam product.  GNI installers are certified and licensed; they understand the unique challenges of each job; they prepare the jobsite properly; and they equip themselves with the appropriate safety equipment and protective gear.  More importantly, our installers ensure the safety and wellbeing of occupants or residents during the installation.  The GNI team always endeavors to do the job right the first time – that’s how we can deliver results.

Our commitment to customer service is evident on every project.  As such, we only recommend products that will suit the customer’s specific needs.  As well, we usually discourage customers from turning spray foam insulation into a weekend do-it-yourself project.  This is really not the time for a do-it-yourself project.  The spray foam application requires expertise and experience.  The equipment itself needs special handling, as does the spray foam compound.  Oftentimes, there are complexities to the install - it’s a project that is best handled by the professionals.

Spray foam usage is growing by some 40% every year – it just confirms the product’s approval and acceptance level.  And although spray foam insulation is more expensive than some of the other options, a cost-and-benefit assessment clearly points to a worthwhile investment, and especially when considering long-term benefits.  Spray foam is a superior product.  It delivers more than any other product.  It lasts a lifetime and needs NO replacement or replenishment.  And best of all, the “payback period” - between 2 and 7 years - is impressive.

Today, most everyone is concerned about energy efficiency.  As a result, spray foam has become a product-of-choice at Great Northern Insulation, and amongst insulation professionals across the nation.  During the last 35 years, GNI has grown into Canada's largest full-service insulation contractor.  We have also become a recognized leader in the home comfort industry.  As your contractor, we can assure that your insulation project will be professionally managed from end to end, and of course, everything we do for you is guaranteed 100%.

At GNI, we endorse spray foam insulation and the countless benefits that the product delivers.  Let us show you how a superior product, combined with a professional installation, can make all the difference.

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