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Attic insulation in Pickering

When it comes to attic insulation, regardless which insulation product the homeowner selects, it’s the installation that really counts.  It requires experience and expertise, and it means installing the right amount of insulation to match the task.  Above all, it means thorough coverage of the entire space, including all of the openings, holes, and open cavities.  It’s not uncommon for a local home centre to advise that attic insulation could be a DIY project, but in truth, this job is best handled by a contractor with the right experience and expertise.  At Great Northern Insulation, we have that experience and expertise, and we don’t just insulate – we see the home as a complete “system”, and we include air barriers (that prevent air movement) and vapor barriers (that resist moisture penetration) as part of the “system”.  This kind of approach delivers the very best results from the installed insulation, and makes for a home environment that is sealed, ventilated, and insulated.

Great Northern Insulation believes that customers should be well informed - they make better purchasing decisions and are more likely to find solutions that match their needs.  Our team works with you from start to finish – we do an initial attic inspection to assess the status, and we evaluate various products in order to determine which insulation solution is best for the situation.  We also work with the customer so that product and installation costs fall in line with the budget.  For homeowners looking to upgrade their attic insulation in Pickering, GNI is positioned to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.  We only install the best quality products, and our installations are always at the highest standard.

When choosing attic insulation, the process can be difficult and frustrating.  The homeowner must choose the right product for the job, and a good contractor to do the job.  The problem is that we’re getting marketed to death:  local contractors market products and services that they want us to buy; the big manufacturers advertise their branded products around the year; and then we do our own shopping and searching on the Internet.  And in the end, every product is the best product, and every contractor is the best contractor.  That whole experience can become simplified by choosing a well-established and reputable contractor who has good client references.  The homeowner should be choosing a contractor who encourages a customer relationship where decisions are made in tandem, and the focus is on choosing an insulation solution that best fits the need.

With reference to attic insulation products, it’s agreed industry-wide that spray foam insulation is the best product available on the market today.  When professionally installed, the spray foam is expertly mixed and sprayed from a hose attachment, and because it’s a chemical concoction, special tools and equipment are required (in addition to safety gear and protective wear).  At GNI, we argue that this is kind of application is best left to experts.  The spray foam is applied throughout the attic in thick liquid form, and as it hardens, it blankets everything completely - that includes the wooden joists and support beams; plumbing and piping; electrical wires; and HVAC ducts.  The hard foam results in a dense, tightly packed coating of insulation that acts to prevent the movement of air and moisture – it makes for an excellent air barrier and moisture barrier combination.

Another product option that is used for attic insulation is “blown-in” insulation, affordable for any project budget, and available in two versions - fiberglass or cellulose.  The raw product is “fluffy” in its composition, and serves to trap air, and restrict air movement.  It therefore makes for a very effective insulator, and especially in a large space like the attic.  Blown-in insulation is fabricated to be resistant to fire, mould, mildew, insects and rodents, making it packed with features that suit the attic space.  With special equipment, these insulation products are blown through the attic, and dispersed evenly, so that distribution and density is uniform throughout.  An excellent feature of this product is how easily it can be installed on top of existing attic insulation, and how effectively it increases the existing R-values.  Blown-in insulation covers very effectively, and creates a “thermal blanket” which contributes to levels of thermal protection that provide insulation value from one season to the next.  Additionally, whether the fiberglass or cellulose is used, this insulation covers totally and completely - the “fluffiness” wraps around all of the wooden beams, the television cables and electrical wiring, and all the HVAC ductwork that snakes through the attic.

As insulation professionals, the experts at Great Northern Insulation prefer a “hybrid” approach to attic insulation.  Our preference is to install insulation as a “system”, one that incorporates the spray foam insulation and the blown-in insulation in one application.  We believe this is a balanced approach, and depending on the scope of the project, we combine either spray foam + cellulose OR spray foam + fiberglass.  Throughout the industry, either of these two combinations is considered the very BEST installation.  This is because the spray foam provides ultimate air sealing properties, and the spray foam + blown-in insulation provides the excellent dollar value.  For many of our customers, and in situations where GNI does a complete insulation removal, we recommend one of the combination approaches.  We remove the existing insulation completely; we decide which of the product combinations best suits the scope of the job; and we make certain to accommodate the budget.

For customers upgrading their attic insulation in Pickering, or in any of the communities east of the Greater Toronto Area, Great Northern Insulation would be a good option when hiring an insulation contractor.  We are proud of our performance history and our excellent reputation in the region.  We always do the job right the first time; we warranty all of the products that we sell and install; we guarantee our installations fully; and we take care of problem issues with immediacy.  In short, we are committed to our customers’ satisfaction completely.

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