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Spray Foam Insulation in Belleville

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to ask an insulation contractor if Spray Foam Insulation is the best for their project. In most cases, regardless of house size or scope of work, the answer would be the same: SFI is the best insulation product available. In fact, with a professional install, SFI provides a complete “insulation system” for the home, and with better benefits than anything comparable. For residential homeowners who are contemplating spray foam insulation in Belleville, it’s a worthy home improvement project.

For professional installers, Spray Foam Insulation is already a preferred option. Professionals consider SFI as superior to other insulation products, and with far better performance outcomes. A single application delivers superb results in roof cavities, attic spaces, and even attached garages. And in an average residential home, a good install will be far more comprehensive than anything comparable. With SFI, the results are proven and measurable - results that a homeowner will notice in the short term and long term.

  • spray foam seals a space like nothing else – the space becomes completely airtight
  • installing spray foam makes for higher R-Value than any other comparable product
  • with an expert installation, spray foam creates an air barrier to block air movement
  • a spray foam application also creates a vapor barrier that counters moisture buildup
  • walls, floors, and ceilings can be strengthened structurally with a spray foam install

For the professionals, an airtight environment is critical for insulation to perform. Installing spray foam ensures airtightness and makes for better efficiencies throughout the building structure. Energy efficiency is enhanced. HVAC operation is improved. And heating/cooling phases are better balanced. These are actually efficiencies that positively impact on any building size. The best outcome, of course, is the cumulative energy savings throughout the year – these will guarantee an insulation project that is well worthwhile.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (another name for spray foam insulation) was originally used in industry as an insulating material for freezers, coolers, and cold rooms. Today, after years of product enhancements, SPF has gained a reputation as the best home insulation product on the market. It’s also used in commercial applications, but in residential homes SPF is ideal for the attic, roof, or basement. These are areas that need the optimum in sealing and insulating and nothing can do that job as well as the SPF product.

By any description, SPF insulation requires a degree of expertise and experience. The insulation compounds need cautious handling; the worksite must be prepared appropriately; and the install itself can pose some challenges. Even the specialized equipment requires proficiency, as the foam compounds are sprayed from a nozzle-equipped system. For the professional, it’s crucial to create a perfect insulating “envelope” as the foam spreads, expands and hardens. The final application will completely seal and insulate.

Professionals prefer SPF because it does such a good job blocking air movement and moisture buildup. SPF blocks airflow so well that there is virtually no air leakage or “heat loss”. As well, an SPF application does away with the need for a separate vapor barrier. Essentially, the final installation becomes an impervious envelope that does it all – an air barrier, a vapor barrier, and thermal insulation in one. This is an installation that is results-oriented and cost-effective, with homeowner benefits that are long lasting.

Most building structures will benefit greatly from a spray foam install. Energy efficiency will be improved; HVAC equipment (heating and cooling) will perform better; and energy consumption will be reduced. The fact is, spray foam is the most comprehensive insulation on the market – and the annual energy savings will be considerable (depending on the scope of the actual project). For many homeowners, the dollar savings on gas and electric can realistically offset the initial project investment.

For homeowners contemplating spray foam insulation in Belleville, doing it right the first time makes good sense. It also makes sense to work with a professional insulation contractor. Professionals always follow the building code and observe by-laws. As well, they don’t take installation shortcuts and always install product according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The professional approach to SPF ensures the best possible outcomes and the best possible product performance.

Professional contractors also provide a project guarantee. By example, Great Northern Insulation guarantees both product and installation. GNI installers are specialists with spray foam - they are well trained, certified, and licensed - they properly prepare the workspace – and they make provisions to safeguard residents. At GNI, installations are planned and executed with a focus on customer satisfaction – and that includes quality insulation products along with quality installation practices.

A spray foam insulation project requires professional supervision. The compounds require careful handling; the equipment and tools require expertise; and some of the challenges may require troubleshooting. This is definitely not the time for a DIY project – this is work for a professional. In fact, a do-it-yourself project may present risks that are beyond the average homeowner.  Worst case, a bad install might require removal, repair, and reinstallation – something that could get quite expensive.

Spray foam has become a favorite in the industry, mainly because of the proven results. It’s being installed in new builds, renovation projects, and retrofits alike.  And its popularity has grown immensely in every sector of construction - residential, commercial, and industrial. In most every application scenario, the results with spray foam are impressive.  For homeowners, spray foam in the attic, roof, or basement will bring the kind of results that other insulation products just can’t compare with.

All things considered, spray foam is a premium, high value product. It may therefore not be perfectly suited to everyone’s project budget. However, in terms of the long run, the paybacks are noteworthy. This is an application that can last a lifetime, and will not require replacement or replenishment over the long term. As for the overall project cost, spray foam insulation offers a very reasonable payback period (2 to 7 years) - a payback that makes the original project investment very worthwhile.

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