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Basement Insulation in Kawartha Lakes

Many years ago (and especially in the northeast), the basement was a place for the washing machine and dryer, the water heater tank, and furnace related equipment. The space was pretty well vacant. The walls were cement, there was no drywall, and rarely was there any insulation. The basement was cold, damp, and musty. But today, basements are livable and comfortable. And in the Kawartha Lakes, basement insulation is the key to creating additional living space.

What used to be vacant is now a space for another bedroom; maybe a TV room; a home-office; even a self-contained suite. In short, the basement has become functional, and the added comfort comes from a well-insulated space. The basement maintains warmth in the winter and coolness in summer. More importantly, energy is conserved during times of temperature extremes. And throughout the Kawartha Lakes, basement insulation contributes to decreasing utility costs.

Most homeowners don’t fully appreciate the impact of basement insulation.  The truth is, the basement should be just as well insulated as other parts of the house. Across the board, many insulation experts maintain that insulating basements is actually MORE important than other parts of the house. Indeed, it’s one of the better home improvement projects, bringing more benefits and better cost-savings than many other, more conventional, home improvement projects.

Simply put, basement insulation is well worth the upfront cost. A good insulating product (like spray foam) brings several benefits to the indoor environment. Air movement (indoor and outdoor) is inhibited. Thermal resistance (R-Value) is significantly enhanced. Moisture is prevented from gathering. And the HVAC equipment (heating and cooling) operates more effectively. Overall, energy is conserved and with measurable savings on the home’s seasonal utilities.

Is insulating the basement considered worthwhile?

Insulating the basement, including all of the walls, is considered well worthwhile. A professional install will definitely decrease utility bills in winter and summer seasons, and will result in total overall savings that will certainly make the project cost worthwhile.

What do insulation experts suggest for basements?

The insulation experts agree that insulation outcomes are relative to the amount of R-Value that is installed. In other words, higher R-Values bring better energy savings. However, results do vary with the size of the space, and with the product installed.

Are the actual savings measurable after insulating?

When a quality product is installed (like spray foam insulation) and when the install is professional, there will be substantial utility savings throughout the year. But again, individual results depend on basement size and the total amount of R-Value installed.

What are the building specs for basement insulation?

Building code specifications often depend on geographic location and basement insulation is definitely included (especially in new home construction). A reliable insulation contractor will understand the code requirements, and will recommend accordingly.

Do basements require any prepping before insulating?

In the basement, it’s most important to identify water entry issues. This problem could be major, and therefore requires a fix well before any insulating work. Depending on severity, fixing water entry issues could turn out to be a big project on it’s own.

How do the hard-to-reach areas get well insulated?

Practically every basement has hard-to-reach spots. These are hard to access, and difficult to properly insulate. Here, the very best solution is an application of spray foam. No other product seals/insulates as well as spray foam (and in one application).

For homeowners thinking about basement insulation in Kawartha Lakes, it’s advisable to connect with a good contractor. Professional contractors like Great Northern Insulation can recommend the right product and installation for the job. Like so many others, GNI recommends spray foam as the very best insulation application for basements. It’s an application that envelops the walls entirely, and creates an air barrier, vapor barrier, and insulation in one.

The very best basement insulation install includes insulating the floor. Here, spray foam insulation is sprayed into the base of the floor, followed by a layer of concrete right on top. This approach is very effective and provides sealing and insulation that is maximal. With regard to the basement walls, it’s important to ensure an airtight space throughout. Here again, spray foam provides an airtight envelope - one that inhibits both airflow and moisture.

In the end, basement insulation is about energy conservation. For the average homeowner, this should translate into reduced utility bills. The very best outcomes are practically guaranteed with spray foam. It’s a premium product with the best overall outcomes – an application that makes for an airtight space; an air barrier and vapor barrier in one; and the highest insulation value (R-Value) of any comparable insulation product on the market today.

As a premium product, spray foam may not be suitable for every budget. As such, Great Northern Insulation offers a superb alternative in their “hybrid” installation. This is an installation that incorporates the spray foam product and traditional fiberglass “batts” in one install. Here, spray foam is applied as an initial base, followed by the careful installation of “batts”.  This is a cost-effective approach for most every project budget, and with great results.

In the Kawartha Lakes, basement insulation is an important home improvement project. It’s a project that should be done properly the first time around. And while spray foam insulation is widely regarded as the best by far, the “hybrid” installation from Great Northern Insulation is a superb choice. The two “hybrid” products work together to seal and insulate, and ensure cost-effectiveness, making the overall project cost a worthwhile investment.

For many, the idea of basement insulation conjures up a long weekend DIY project.  However, for best results overall, it’s preferable to work with an insulation professional. Spray foam, for example, is a complex product that requires expertise in both preparation and application. And to realize maximum outcomes, an installation must be thorough and comprehensive, using the right equipment and tools, and employing proven techniques. For the expert team at Great Northern Insulation, there’s really only one way to do it - doing it right from the start.

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