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Attic Insulation in Oshawa

However you decide to insulate your attic, most contractors agree about one fundamental principle – regardless of the insulation product that is used, its critical to install a proper layer of insulation over the entire area, and to fill every hole, crack and crevice completely.  And while its true that choosing an insulation product can be frustrating, this can be avoided when you deal with a known, reputable contractor – one who will work with you directly, and come up with the best option for you.  A good insulation contractor will start by doing an inspection of the attic to assess the current condition; they will work together with you to decide which product would be best for your needs; and they will determine which insulation product best meets your budget limitations.

As Canada's largest full service insulation contractor, Great Northern Insulation promises every customer a solid commitment on their particular project: it’s a promise to use only products of the highest quality; to provide excellence in customer service; and to install everything at the highest standard.  At GNI, our job isn’t complete until the customer is fully satisfied with our product, our work, and our service.  We stand behind our manufacturers’ warrantees, and pass those warrantees along to our customer.  For attic Insulation in Oshawa, we guarantee every installation, regardless of the size of the job, and for whatever product we install.

When it’s time to choose the attic insulation for your needs, the process can be arduous.  We get tons of home improvement flyers in the mail: we see all kinds of ad campaigns from manufacturers; and when we surf the Internet, we’re bombarded by company claims, where everyone is the best.  It becomes a real problem figuring out which product to choose, and which company to hire.  And for those shopping for attic insulation in Oshawa, Ontario the challenges are the same, and making the decisions can be difficult.  However, the more you know, the better your decision.

For product choices, one of the most affordable options for any budget is “blown-in insulation”.  It’s available primarily in two versions:  fiberglass and cellulose.  It’s the fluffiness of the “blown-in insulation” that traps any air movement, and as a result, makes it a very effective insulator throughout a huge space like the attic.  Both the fiberglass and cellulose products are manufactured to be fire-resistant, mold resistant, and rodent resistant - very important features, especially for the attic.  “Blown-in insulation” makes use of customized equipment to blow the material throughout the attic, and to make sure it’s dispersed properly, evenly and in a uniform density.  An additional benefit of this product is the ability to blow it on top of the insulation that already exists in the attic.  When installed well, this method is an economical option to increasing existing R-values.  “Blown-in insulation” covers an area very effectively, and creates what we call a “thermal blanket” that in turn provides the thermal protection to prevent heat loss.  Fiberglass or cellulose “blown-in insulation” covers an attic space totally and completely - and that includes all of the wooden beams, all of the television cables and electrical wiring, and all of the HVAC ductwork.

It’s generally agreed that the best insulation product available today is spray foam insulation.  Spray foam insulation is comprised of several chemicals that are prepped, pre-mixed and ready to apply.  Using equipment and safety gear that is specially designed for installation, the chemical mixture is sprayed from a hose, and is initially applied in liquid form.  As it expands, the material hardens into a blanket of super-thick, super-dense insulation.  The entire expanse of the attic can be totally enveloped in one application:  this would include the wooden crossbeams that support the attic; plumbing and wiring; and HVAC ducting.  With an expert doing the installation, the result is an attic that is well insulated, and provides an effective air barrier and moisture barrier system.  This is truly the ultimate application, using the best product money can buy.

At Great Northern Insulation, we prefer a comprehensive approach to attic insulation that creates a “hybrid” insulating system.  This is an approach that combines the two insulations described above into one application - in other words, the spray foam insulation and the blown-in insulation.  The combination would be either spray foam and cellulose, or spray foam and fiberglass, and amongst industry professionals, either of these is considered the very best approach to attic insulation.  And why are the experts in agreement?  It’s because the combination approach delivers excellent air and moisture sealing (using the dense spray foam) and excellent value (using spray foam and blown-in insulation).  In fact, when GNI does a complete insulation removal, our install team recommends one of the combination applications.  We would remove all existing insulation entirely, and we would essentially start from scratch - decide which product combo is best for the job and best for the budget.

For the residential homeowner, whether you’re shopping for attic insulation in Oshawa, or in any of the surrounding communities, the insulation products mentioned above could well be installed on a do-it-yourself basis - but as professionals, we would argue that this work is best left to experts.  At Great Northern Insulation, for instance, we see every insulation job as a complete insulation system.  We don’t just insulate – we insist on air barriers (to prevent air movement between the inside and outside) and we insist on vapor barriers (to prevent moisture from penetrating).  We believe that a home must be well sealed, well ventilated, and well insulated – it’s our way of creating a “true insulated building envelope”. 

At GNI, we do the job right the first time, and our objective is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.  We warranty all of the products we install; we fully guarantee all the work we do; and we resolve problems and complaints without any question.  Best of all, where it’s necessary, we will replace or repair a problem (to meet acceptable government standards) at our cost.

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