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Spray Foam Insulation in Oshawa

If you are shopping around for spray foam insulation in Oshawa, or in any of the communities just east of Toronto, hiring Great Northern Insulation would be a smart move.  Our installation philosophy is built on the basics of sealing tight and ventilating right.  And spray foam insulation has become an important part of this approach.  However, sealing tight without ventilating, is doing only half the job, so we make sure our installations are a combination of restricting air movement AND promoting of ventilation.

Throughout the industry, the professionals agree that spray foam insulation (also referred to as polyurethane foam) is the best insulating choice for energy-efficiency.  The spray foam product is simply a better product compared with other options:  it does a better job sealing; it delivers better R-value than the others; and it actually adds structural strength where installed.  No other product, or combination of products, can do a better overall job - so it’s no wonder that the professionals at GNI routinely recommend spray foam insulation for most applications.

Residential homeowners (as well as builders and contractors) often ask us if the spray foam option is really needed.  At GNI, we believe that spray foam insulation is the very best solution when dealing with high heating/cooling costs, imbalanced heating/cooling environments, or ineffective HVAC equipment.  And where drafts are prevalent from season to season, spray foam is the insulation that does it all - the insulating envelope behaves like an air barrier, but also acts as a vapor barrier to restrict the movement and collection of moisture.

On site, spray foam insulation is prepped, mixed, and sprayed into a designated area, which could be an attic or roof, ceiling or floor.  Installers use special equipment, which allows the foam to be applied as a thick liquid, which then expands and hardens into a hard, dense layer that is impenetrable to air and moisture.  This layer of insulation offers higher R-values than other insulation options, and when compared as a complete system, has a competitive edge over other insulation products, or combination of products.

Once applied, spray foam insulation envelops a cavity completely, sealing everything, including all the cracks and crevices.  The fact that the envelope also seals hard-to-reach corners means that there’s no need for a vapor barrier, since the foam insulation inhibits moisture movement.  In addition, because the foam application doesn’t hold water, mold and mildew is prevented from forming.  Spray foam insulation does it all:  it improves energy efficiency; it enhances air circulation; and it provides comfort because heating and cooling is better balanced.  

The installation protocol at Great Northern Insulation is above and beyond the competition.  Our installers are trained professionals, experts with many years of spray foam experience.  They install according to established industry building standards, and strictly follow local and regional by-laws.  We always adhere to the product specifications as set out by manufacturers, and we provide our customers with warrantees on the products we sell and install.  GNI does it right the first time, and that applies to every project, and every customer.

Great Northern Insulation recommends spray foam for new construction, reno projects, and routine retrofits.  But we also highly recommend expert installation – that way the product will perform to its fullest potential.  And our installers are those experts:  they are trained, licensed and certified; they prepare every work area professionally; and they ensure safety and security for residents.  Our team makes sure to understand the unique challenges of every project, and we choose the insulation product that best matches the job.

Spray foam insulation was first introduced as a product for industrial use in the 60s.  It was an excellent insulator for freezers and cool rooms, and eventually developed into the insulation product we use today - ideal for attics, garages and roofs.  When applied properly, all holes, cracks and crevices are sealed, and no air can escape.  An expert install will seal even the most hard-to-reach cavities - cavities that other insulation products cannot handle.  And that’s why we don’t suggest turning spray foam insulation into a DIY project – it’s a project for the experts.

Recent industry statistics show that spray foam applications have been growing by almost 40% yearly.  Clearly, this reflects the gaining acceptance of spray foam as an insulation alternative – and for good reason - seasonal heating/cooling costs can often be reduced by 50%.  Spray foam insulation can deliver all the benefits:  the best R-values; air and moisture blockage; even sound reducing qualities.  In fact, its been shown that a home outfitted with spray foam insulation has a measurably higher sale value when on the market.

With regard to cost, spray foam insulation is relatively more costly than other products. But dollar for dollar, you are getting exceptional value - this is a premium product with premium benefits.  A spray foam application lasts a lifetime.  There is no need to replace the application.  The so-called “pay-back” period on upfront cost ranges from 2 – 7 years.  And, of course, the savings on seasonal heating/cooling make the initial investment worthwhile over the long run.  This is truly a time to think long term, with a product that never fails to satisfy.

Overall, GNI believes that every building needs to “breathe”, so installing spray foam insulation only satisfies part of the whole.  That’s why we always recommend optimum ventilation for every job – it ensures that fresh air is circulating indoors, and stale air is expelled.  With proper air circulation, condensation is kept to a minimum, and moisture is kept under control, which prevents the development of mould and mildew.  It all translates into an efficient “system” that contributes to an indoor air environment that is balanced and comfortable.

If you are shopping for spray foam insulation in Oshawa, or in one of the communities east of Toronto, you should consider GNI as your contractor.  We have the experience and expertise, with products and installations, and everything we sell and install is warrantied.  In short, we just want our customers to be 100% satisfied with everything we do.

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