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Spray Foam Insulation in Whitby

The most frequent question we get from homeowners (as well as building contractors) is how to know if spray foam insulation is actually needed.  In short, spray foam insulation is the very best solution where heating and cooling costs are unusually high; where heating and cooling is imbalanced; where furnace and air conditioner equipment are ineffective; and where air drafts are prevalent throughout the premises.  Spray foam insulation is truly the all-in-one insulation.

If you’re currently shopping for spray foam insulation in Whitby, or in the communities east of the GTA, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  Our installations are based on a simple premise:  sealing tight and ventilating right.  Spray foam insulation is an integral part of our installation protocol.  But sealing, without ventilating, is a “half job” – our install ensures the elimination of air leakage AND the promotion of ventilation.

Professionals in the industry regard spray foam insulation (commonly known as polyurethane foam) as the best option for creating an energy-efficient structure.  Spray foam is just a better product:  it seals better; it has a better R-value per inch; and it adds structural strength.  There is no other product (or product combination) on the market that does a better job, and the experts at Great Northern Insulation recommend spray foam for practically every application.

Spray foam insulation is typically sprayed directly into a cavity, whether it’s an attic, wall, floor or ceiling.  Using specially designed equipment, the foam initially presents as a thick liquid, then quickly expands and hardens into the dense and impenetrable foam that remains in place.  It offers one of the highest R-value ratings per inch when compared to other insulation products, and maintains a competitive edge in comparison with other insulation systems.

Spray foam insulation also behaves as a primary air barrier in a building structure, enveloping the structure completely, and sealing holes, cracks and crevices, as well as those hard-to-reach angles and corners.  As well, using spray foam will eliminate the need for a separate vapor barrier because the foam envelope restricts the diffusion of moisture.  And since the spray foam application does not absorb water, mold and mildew growth is inhibited.

Spray foam insulation delivers everything in one product:  improved overall energy efficiency; enhanced air quality due to better air circulation; and greater comfort because the entire HVAC system is well balanced.  Truth is, a better working system also delivers lower utility bills from season to season.  And from our experience, we’ve found that the homes insulated with spray foam have a higher resale value when its time to sell.

The installation process at Great Northern Insulation is beyond compare.  We employ only trained professionals - expert installers with years of spray foam experience.  Our people strictly adhere to industry building standards, as well as local and regional codes and by-laws.  And we always follow the specifications and guidelines set out by a product manufacturer.  Best of all, GNI offers warrantees on everything we sell and install.  

The team at GNI believes in doing it right the first time.  It applies to every project, and every customer:  we make sure to understand the challenges of the project; we choose the product (or product combination) that best suits the job; and finally, we install with attention to detail.  And that’s why we DON’T recommend getting into a do-it-yourself project with spray foam.  This is work best left to the experts, and those who know the ins and outs of the product.

Spray foam insulation was actually introduced as more of an industrial product in the 60s.  An effective insulation for freezers and coolers, it evolved into the perfect insulation product for unenclosed cavities like attics, roofs, and garages.  When properly applied, there are virtually no gaps, cracks or holes through which air can escape.  The final application insulates even the smallest, hardest-to-reach spaces – spaces that other types of insulation just can’t cover.

GNI routinely recommends spray foam for new house construction, major renovations, and even smaller retrofits.  But no product can stand on its own - without the right installation, the product just doesn’t perform to its full potential.  That’s why our installers are specially trained, licensed and certified.  They know how to properly prepare the work area, they wear necessary protective gear and they safeguard the occupants during the install.

In Canada, it’s estimated that spray foam usage has grown almost 40% every year in the last decade.  These numbers reflect the acceptance of the product as an insulation option - after all, how can you argue with heating and cooling costs that are reduced by up to 50%?  Spray foam insulation delivers it all - the highest R-values; excellent air and moisture resistance; and even sound dampening features.

When it comes to cost, spray foam is a relatively more expensive option when compared to the others.  But like everything else, you get what you pay for, and this is a premium product with outstanding features.  Spray foam basically lasts a lifetime, with no need to replace or replenish - ever.  The “pay-back” period ranges from two to seven years, and the substantial savings on heating and cooling make the initial, upfront cost well worth it.

For GNI, installing spray foam insulation is only part of the job - we believe that every building structure needs to “breathe”.  That’s why we insist on proper ventilation:  making sure that fresh air comes in from the outside, and ensuring that stale, indoor air is expelled.  In this way, air circulation is optimized, condensation is limited, and moisture levels are controlled.  Thus, the indoor air environment becomes more of an efficiently working “system”.

If you are currently considering spray foam insulation in Whitby, or in any of the communities east of the GTA, make sure to consider GNI.  Spray foam insulation is our specialty.  We have the experience and expertise with both product and installation, and everything we sell and install is warrantied.  Above all, we want to be sure that our customers are 100% satisfied – that project needs have been met, and satisfaction levels have been achieved.

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