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Basement Insulation in Quinte West

Today, most residential basements are comfortable living spaces. There’s ample room to do the laundry, there’s plenty of space for storage, and there’s an area allocated for the HVAC system.  Indeed, the days of dark, musty basements are over – the modern basement is designed, finished and insulated, and the space is practical, livable, and comfortable. For homeowners installing basement insulation in Quinte West, it’s the first step in creating complete basement comfort.

While there are several practical areas in the basement (laundry, storage, furnace), the main aim for most homeowners is creating a family-friendly environment. This is why insulation is so vital, and why insulating the basement should be done properly from the beginning. A well-insulated basement space is going to be a comfortable space in both winter and summer – and that applies whether the space is an extra bedroom, a home-based office, or a self-contained apartment suite.

A well-insulated basement is a result of quality work. That means deciding to install top-quality products, and doing it professionally. And while home comfort is the priority for a homeowner, a well-insulated basement will deliver many more benefits. Importantly, good insulation enhances a home’s energy efficiency. As well, heating and cooling cycles operate in better balance. Finally, energy consumption (gas and electricity) will be considerably reduced throughout the seasons.

Typically, the average homeowner doing basement insulation in Quinte West is interested in keeping everything warm in winter and cool in summer. But properly insulating the basement can actually achieve a lot more.  And with a professional contractor on hand, the added expertise can be quite valuable. Professionals know which installation is best, and which will deliver best results. And while a DIY project might be tempting, a professional deliver better overall results.

With basement insulation, its wise to go with a quality approach. Basement insulation is unique when compared to most home improvements. For instance, a washroom or kitchen renovation is often more cosmetic and aesthetic than anything else. But with basement insulation, quality work can ensure real dollar savings throughout the year. In fact, in many cases, a quality-insulated basement can reduce utility bills (electric and gas) to a point where project costs can be offset.

There’s little doubt that a professional approach to basement insulation is going to exceed the outcomes of a DIY approach. Particularly in the basement, insulation is worth doing properly right from the start.  By any measure, the benefits will be noticeable:  installed R-Values will be heightened considerably; air-leakage/air-flow will be effectively eliminated; and moisture will be effectively blocked. Overall, the enhanced energy efficiencies will reduce energy consumption.

A home’s energy efficiency is improved when a basement is well insulated.

With a quality approach to basement insulation, a home’s energy efficiency is much improved.  Energy consumption will be markedly reduced throughout the year; seasonal heating and cooling cycles will be much better balanced; and residential utility bills will be lower.

Having the basement professionally insulated is a cost-worthy undertaking.

Bottom line, having the basement professionally insulated is cost-worthy. This is particularly true given the considerable savings on utilities. With a quality job, homeowners can quite often offset the initial project investment with the annual savings on gas and electricity.

Homeowner utility savings will depend on the insulation work undertaken.

Clearly, there are a number of factors that will affect the total utility savings after insulation is installed. To begin with:  the extent of work preformed. As well:  the quality of insulation product installed. And finally:  the quality of the actual install and the workmanship.

In any basement, it’s important to prepare the space before doing insulation.

A basement space should be properly inspected for water entry issues before insulation work commences. Where required, an experienced contractor should expedite the repairs. But in every situation, the restoration work should be performed prior to any insulating.

Even when insulating the basement, basic building codes should be followed.

Building codes are going to be different with every project. And this is where a good contractor can be a good asset:  assessing the basement space and the extent of work; advising on relevant codes that might apply; and performing the installation following the code.

In most basements, it’s a problem insulating those “awkward” spots/spaces.

Most basements have “awkward” spots/spaces. These are difficult to insulate with conventional insulation products. But with Spray Foam Insulation, all of these spots and spaces can be easily managed - SPUF effectively seals and insulates every little opening and hole.

By any description, basement insulation work will require some expertise. Expert installers have relevant product and installation knowledge, and can make viable project proposals. Today, many installers are proposing Spray Foam Insulation as an ideal approach in the basement. In fact, one SPUF application can do more than any insulation product on the market.  It’s considered to be the best product in the industry, and the most effective installation.

When insulating the basement, some homeowners are even insulating the basement floor. It’s an application where SPUF is sprayed into an open floor, and then covered with concrete. But while this approach may not suit all budgets, the basement walls still remain a priority. This again is an opportunity to have an expert on the job, so that the most effective product and installation can be recommended – it’s simply a matter of installing products that perform.

Whatever the eventual approach, the goal with basement insulation remains constant: enhancing energy efficiency. Here, the experts have been routinely installing Spray Foam Insulation - it very effectively blocks air leakage; it prevents unwanted basement moisture; and it installs R-Values that are higher than other products. But at the same time, SPUF is a high-premium product and not suited for every budget. Hence, another option is the “hybrid” installation.

The “hybrid” installation comes from Great Northern Insulation, and is a combined install using Spray Foam Insulation along with a supplementary insulation product. This is a very efficient installation that provides excellent results that are long term and cost-effective. The “hybrid” install basically does two things – it allows for insulation benefits from the two installed products and it ensures that the overall project investment stays cost effective.

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