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Attic Insulation in Belleville

Homeowners thinking about installing attic insulation in Belleville should have a little knowledge about insulation. And although there isn’t a need for technical know-how, the basics are valuable. The basics of home insulation apply similarly to new construction, retrofits, and re-installations. But there are two areas that stand out:  choosing the right insulation for the attic, and choosing a professional contractor experienced with insulation. For a typical homeowner, having some basic knowledge will set the stage for better decision-making as things move forward with the project. More than that, an informed homeowner will have a more productive contractor relationship.

When it comes to installing attic insulation, a professional approach is recommended. The results will be better, and the job will be expedited properly from day one. As it is, attic insulation is very specialized. An experienced contractor will identify the best product and installation based on the project at hand. For a homeowner, picking the right insulation for the job may be challenging, especially when there is so much advertising hype. But having a reliable contractor on hand will make for collaborative decision-making. Perhaps the most important thing for a homeowner is the reliability of a contractor who is fully accessible as the project advances.

A good insulation contractor is going to be approachable and responsive. Project needs will be addressed - the project plan will be workable (and within budget) - and customer service will be a priority. As for the project, attic insulation is one that relies heavily on a quality approach. This is essential for superior outcomes, and in the attic product performance is going to be critical. At Great Northern Insulation, quality is all about doing the job right. And that means supplying and installing top-quality products; ensuring the highest standards of installation; and delivering the utmost in customer satisfaction, regardless of how big or small the project.

Going with a professional approach in the attic will have benefits. Firstly, a homeowner can count on a thorough assessment of the worksite. Secondly, the proposed action plan will be inclusive. And finally, the installed products and installation work will be warrantied. Moreover, a good contractor will be ready to address outstanding problems even after the project is complete. But not to forget - project results are important. For homeowners thinking about attic insulation in Belleville, the results can be quite impressive:  home comfort will be noticeably improved; utility bills (heating and air conditioning) will be lower; and the yearly savings will mount up.

In sizable cavities like the attic, professional installers begin the project by making the space airtight. The idea here is to effectively seal the attic, ensuring that the installed insulation will perform at the maximum. Effective sealing is about closing up all of the openings, holes and gaps that are ever-present in an attic. Airtightness essentially stops airflow in the attic, and improves the overall energy efficiency in the home. A professional will seal and insulate the attic so that a “system” is created – a “system” that dramatically improves efficiencies. Energy usage is better balanced; HVAC equipment operates more efficiently; and comfort is noticeably enhanced.

Product options for the attic are numerous, although today, many professionals are opting for Spray Polyurethane Foam. SPF has quickly become the “go-to” product for attics and roofs, and other areas of the home. SPF is ideal because it prevents airflow and stops moisture collection at one time. During an application, the SPF is uniformly sprayed into the attic cavity, where it can expand and harden into a thick “blanket”. The entirety of the space is enveloped – all of the attic support beams; all of the electric wiring and plumbing; and all the HVAC ductwork.  Essentially, the space becomes impermeable to air and moisture, while being insulated with high R-Values.

Another product option to consider for the attic is “blown-in” insulation. Available in a cellulose or fiberglass composition, this is a very affordable option for the attic. A professional will install this product uniformly throughout the attic, creating a “blanket” of thermal insulation to provide the required R-Value.  Cellulose and fiberglass are both “fluffy” when blown throughout the attic, and are specifically designed to restrict air movement. Both “blown” insulation products have become popular for attics – the thermal blanket adapts to the unique attic space; the finished install is fire resistant: and the insulated environment resists mold, insects, and rodents.

One of the preferred options for the attic is the “hybrid” method from GNI. It has become one of the more cost effective options for attic insulation, and with excellent results. This method combines Spray Polyurethane Foam with one of the “blown” insulation products in a “hybrid” application. To begin with, the SPF is applied as a standalone product. Then, the “blown-in” insulation product is installed. The products install well together, and deliver satisfactory performance. The “hybrid” install has a number of benefits: significantly enhanced R-Values; a project investment that is cost-effective; and energy savings that are quite considerable.

  • insulating the attic using the “hybrid” approach ensures a completely airtight space
  • the initial SPF application creates a combined air and moisture barrier concurrently
  • together, the two “hybrid” products result in R-Values higher than any other option
  • professionally applied, the SPF product will add structural strength where installed
  • employing the “hybrid” option makes the project investment far more cost-effective

At the end of the day, Spray Polyurethane Foam is the big favorite amongst professionals. It’s considered to be the best product on the market, and with the best outcomes. But SPF is also considered to be a premium product that may not be right for all budgets. And that’s what makes the “hybrid” option from Great Northern Insulation a wise choice. It’s an ideal alternative for the attic, and one that offers the best of results. For the homeowner, the overall benefits are significant:  the attic is effectively sealed and insulated with SPF; the R-Values are augmented with the “blown” insulation; and the dollar savings on utilities are long term.

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