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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Oshawa

When it’s time to remove old insulation, there are some factors to consider.

Probably the biggest factor to consider when removing old insulation is the quality of the existing insulation. In old homes, insulation may have already lost its integrity and its capacity to perform. But whether insulation is old or not, it’s important to establish if removal is urgent or routine. For insulation removal in Oshawa, Great Northern Insulation provides professional removal services and expert installations. GNI experts review the scope of removal; assess the potential for repairs and retrofitting; and offer reinstallation options using high quality, high performance product.

Every home is different and has different reasons to remove old insulation.

The reasons for removing insulation will clearly vary with every home. GNI crews have come across almost every possible removal scenario, from the most routine to the most complex. Some homes are found to have too little insulation. Some homes are actually over-insulated. And some homes have poorly installed insulation, which contributes little to the energy efficiency of the home. In some cases, homes have ineffective air ventilation and little or no air sealing. Finally, there are those homes with insulation that is wet or deteriorating or containing asbestos.

Removing insulation during a home renovation can be very advantageous.

When doing a home renovation, it may be an advantage to remove old insulation at the very same time. And if contractors can work with each other, then removal and installation can be simplified and streamlined. A home reno is also a good time to make repairs and retrofits prior to installing new insulation. For Great Northern Insulation, a removal job begins with an assessment of the existing materials. Then, there’s an assessment of how much material must be disposed and how much can be saved. Finally, there are product decisions to be made regarding reinstallation.

In most situations, insulation removal demands a professional’s expertise.

Removing insulation is more than a cleanup job - its specialized work that demands professional expertise. At Great Northern Insulation, crews use high performance vacuum equipment to clear and remove old insulation. Every remnant of waste is disposed of safely, and all dirt and debris is cleaned up thoroughly. GNI crews also prepare the area for reinstallation of new insulation. This entails sealing the space airtight and retrofitting the ventilation to improve air circulation. As for the new insulation, GNI installs high quality, high performance product to suit the need.

To save money, some might choose the DIY approach to insulation removal.

To save money, some homeowners choose a do-it-yourself approach for removing insulation. But the truth is - nothing compares with a professional approach. Insulation removal can prove to be quite challenging. The work is painstaking and time consuming. An inexperienced amateur could be working twice as long as a professional. Worse still, insulation removal could get hazardous, and even present health risks. Indeed, there are circumstances where expertise will absolutely be required – like insulation that is contaminated, or mold-infested, or containing asbestos.

Removing insulation thoroughly is crucial prior to installing new product.

For those considering insulation removal in Oshawa, Great Northern Insulation does the job from end to end. Insulation removal is thorough and comprehensive; waste disposal is clean and safe; and newly installed insulation high quality and high performance. Along with removal, GNI also repairs and retrofits where necessary. There may be need for an air barrier or a vapour barrier; there may be need to retrofit the ventilation; or there may be need to better seal the space. For GNI, sealing a space airtight is a priority – it will affect insulation performance going forward.

For Great Northern Insulation, sealing airtight is critical to the insulation.

In every type of home, indoor air movement has a direct impact on the indoor environment. Air circulates oxygen, moisture and pollutants throughout a home. When homes are properly sealed, they are better able to manage air movement. This makes for better air circulation and improved energy efficiency throughout the home. On any given job, Great Northern Insulation combines air sealing, ventilation, and insulation into a “system” that provides improved energy efficiency and enhanced indoor comfort. In short, everything works in tandem for maximum performance.

For homeowners in Oshawa, GNI provides high quality insulation products.

GNI offers a variety of high quality insulation products for customers in Oshawa and surrounding communities. For one, blown insulation has become a popular and cost-worthy product option. It’s well suited for spaces like the attic and roof, and is available in either cellulose or fiberglass. Blown insulation installs much like a “thermal blanket”. It provides satisfactory R-Value where installed and satisfactory product lifespan. Also available from GNI are the fiberglass batts, again, a good, reliable product for attics and roof cavities.

When it comes to choosing a high performance insulation product, GNI quite often recommends Spray Foam Insulation. It’s the “product-of-choice” for insulation professionals, offering far more benefits than anything comparable. SFI seals a space so effectively that it creates an air barrier and vapour barrier in one application. When it’s professionally installed, Spray Foam Insulation has the highest R-Value of any comparable insulation product. In terms of lifespan, the finished space never needs to be replenished or replaced.

Great Northern Insulation can also offer homeowners their unique “hybrid” installation. This is a cost-effective install that combines two insulation products with benefits from both. To begin with, Spray Foam Insulation is installed strategically. This is followed by an application of blown insulation (either the cellulose or the fiberglass). Working together, the combination of products delivers outstanding insulation results, and a cost effective price point. For some, the savings on energy often “pays down” the original install cost.

With GNI, homeowners in Oshawa can be assured of complete project satisfaction. Whether it’s insulation removal, repairs, retrofitting, or reinstallation, GNI provides sound guarantees on both products and workmanship. And with supportive manufacturer warranties, local customers can feel confident of performance for years to come.   

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