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Spray Foam Insulation in Pickering

Professionals in the insulation industry agree that spray foam insulation is the best application when it comes to delivering energy efficiency.  Also known as polyurethane foam, spray foam is simply a better insulation product than any of the other products on the market.  It seals better, it has better R-values, and it also adds structural strength in areas where it’s applied.  There’s no product on the market that delivers better overall results.  That’s why the experts at Great Northern Insulation recommend spray foam insulation to consumers and contractors alike.

A common question from homeowners, homebuilders and independent contractors asks if the spray foam product is really necessary in their particular scenario.  Well, for us, spray foam insulation has become the product of choice for a number of issues:  when there are very high heating/cooling costs; when HVAC performance is not at full potential; and when indoor heating/cooling cycles are imbalanced.  The thing is, spray foam performs - it performs as an insulation envelope, it performs as an air barrier, and it performs as a vapor barrier.

If you are in the market for spray foam insulation in Pickering, or in one of the suburban communities east of the GTA, then hiring GNI as your contractor is a good start.  Our install protocol is straightforward - we seal it tight and ventilate it right.  Naturally, spray foam insulation is an integral part of this protocol.  But we also believe that sealing it tight without ventilating it right is doing only half the job – it means that every application is designed to restrict airflow, while promoting ventilation.

When we perform an installation, the spray foam is prepped and sprayed into a cavity using equipment that is specially designed for the job.  Its an ideal application for an attic, roof, ceiling or floor, where the foam is applied as a thick liquid which expands and hardens into a dense layer of insulation.  When it’s done, the insulation coverage delivers higher R-values than any other product.  And when compared as a complete insulation system, spray foam maintains a considerable competitive edge over other insulation products.

One of the best features of spray foam insulation is the total and complete coverage.  The foam seals everything, including every little crack and crevice.  And by tightly sealing the hard to reach corners and angles, there’s no need for an independent vapor barrier, since the spray foam coverage inhibits any moisture movement.  In addition, because the spray foam layer is impermeable to water, it impedes mould and mildew growth.  The spray foam application contributes to overall energy efficiency, improved air circulation, and balanced heating/cooling. 

Great Northern Insulation recommends spray foam for renovations, new construction, and all kinds of retrofits.  We believe in the efficacy of the product, but we also believe in expert installation.  The fact is, an insulation product will perform to its potential when it is properly installed.  And at GNI our installers are experts in the field – they are trained, licensed and certified, work professionally, and ensure complete safety on the work site.  We make sure we understand the unique challenges of each project, and we focus on resolving those challenges.

When it comes to installation, Great Northern Insulation installs like no other.  Our installers are skilled professionals, with years of spray foam experience.  They obey local by-laws, they abide by building standards, and they follow product specifications that are defined by the manufacturer.  As a company, GNI stands behind the products that are sold and installed, and provides customers with the manufacturer’s product warrantee.  We also guarantee the work we do and strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Spray foam was actually introduced into the market in the 1960s, and was originally used for insulating freezers and coolers.  More recently, it has become the multi-purpose insulating product that we know today.  And usage has grown significantly, with annual increments of nearly 40% over the last decade.  This growth shows the high acceptance level of spray foam as a product of choice for insulation.  And it’s for good reason – because when heating and cooling costs can be reduced by up to 50%, market acceptance widens.  

With a proper install, spray foam will cover everything in sight, including all holes, gaps and openings.  An expert installer can seal up everything, with no potential for air to enter or escape.  This is clearly a job for a professional, which is why we don’t suggest turning it into a weekend do it yourself project.  All in all, spray foam insulation is high performance, with the best R-values per inch, total control of air and moisture movement, and with sound dampening properties.  The truth is, homes with spray foam insulation often sell for higher re-sale prices

As far as cost, spray foam insulation is relatively more costly than some of the other products.  But it’s a premium product, with excellent attributes, and excellent dollar value.  A spray foam application will be there for a lifetime - there is no need to replace the insulation - and the “pay-back” period is respectable, ranging from 2 – 7 years.  In addition, energy savings are quite significant, with savings on heating and cooling making the initial upfront costs worthwhile over the long term.  This is a good time to be thinking about long-term value and good return.

As professionals in the industry, Great Northern Insulation installs a complete “system”.  In addition to installing spray foam insulation, we ensure that ventilation is maximized - including the circulation of fresh air throughout the premises, and expelling stale indoor air the outdoors.  When our work is done, the “system” operates effectively and efficiently.  If you are currently shopping for spray foam insulation in Pickering, or in any of the suburban communities east of the Toronto area, GNI is a contractor worth considering.  We have the experience and expertise, and you can be sure that everything we sell and install is warrantied.  Most importantly, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied, with project challenges resolved, and an overall feeling of satisfaction.

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