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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Belleville

Insulation removal starts off with an extensive assessment.

Insulation removal should start off with an extensive assessment of existing insulation. In many older homes, aging insulation is usually noticeable, and it may be obvious that existing materials require removal. But regardless of conditions, it’s important to immediately establish if removal is urgent or only routine. For insulation removal in Belleville, Great Northern Insulation offers a professional and practical approach, with guaranteed project results. GNI evaluates the removal work, assesses the repairs and retrofits, and recommends a scope of work for installing the new insulation product. Customers can rely on GNI to recommend products that are right for the job.

Homes have different reasons for removing old insulation.

Every homeowner has a different reason for removing old insulation. As it is, the experts at Great Northern Insulation have seen it all:  everything from a routine removal, to a more difficult job, to one that can become hazardous.  In some homes, there’s simply not enough effective insulation. In other homes, there may be too much insulation, which is also problematic. And in a great many homes, the insulation or workmanship is basically substandard. For homeowners, a substandard installation, or substandard insulation material, means a waste of energy and money. Beyond the insulation, GNI has also witnessed insufficient air sealing, as well as inadequate air ventilation.

It’s quite cost-effective to remove insulation during a reno.

It can be quite cost-effective to remove old insulation during a home reno. If contractors can work with each other effectively, then removal and reinstallation is simplified. This is also a good opportunity to make necessary repairs and/or retrofits. At Great Northern Insulation, it becomes a step-by-step process. First - an extensive assessment of the existing insulation material. Next - a decision on how much of the material will be removed, and how much saved. Finally - GNI makes recommendations for new product and new installation. For GNI, the objective of removal, repair, and reinstallation is to improve energy efficiency in the home, and ensure savings on utility bills.

Insulation removal requires some professional experience.

Most insulation removal efforts are more than a simple cleanup. This is work that requires some professional experience. Great Northern Insulation provides that experience with guaranteed job results. Insulation removal is comprehensive; disposal is thorough and safe; and GNI does all the prep work before new insulation is installed. This prep work includes air sealing the space and retrofitting the ventilation to ensure good air circulation. For the homeowner, the sealed space and improved ventilation will guarantee that the newly installed insulation performs. When work is completed, it’s the sealing, ventilation, and insulation that will combine for energy efficiency.

Homeowners are often attracted by a do-it-yourself option. 

There will always be some who are attracted by the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to insulation removal. But the truth is, a professional approach is the preferred approach. Removing insulation is challenging and painstaking. An inexperienced homeowner may well take twice as long as an experienced contractor. And in some situations, removing insulation could be dangerous. There may be contaminated material; there may be mold-infested areas; and worse, there may be areas that contain asbestos residue. For the inexperienced, the risk is high. For the professionals, it’s a combination of experience and expertise that will deliver the best results for the long-term.

When removing old insulation, responsible disposal is key.

For insulation removal in Belleville, Great Northern Insulation provides thorough, responsible disposal. GNI assures customers of a safe, comprehensive cleanup. GNI also expedites all of the required repairs and retrofits, and re-installs the best quality insulation products available. On some projects, an air barrier or vapour barrier might be specified. On other projects, ventilation may require improvement and upgrading. And in practically every situation, air sealing requires some level of improvement and enhancement. Whatever the project, customers can rely on GNI for products and workmanship that are guaranteed to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

For the professionals at GNI, air sealing is absolutely vital.

Because indoor air movement has such impact inside a home, managing the air movement is vital for occupant comfort and energy efficiency. When a home is well sealed, indoor air movement is well managed and the benefits are noticeable:  better air circulation; improved air quality; and enhanced energy efficiency. For the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, energy efficiency is the focus – and that means creating a viable “system” that combines air sealing, insulation, and ventilation. For the homeowner, a viable “system” delivers results: improved energy efficiencies; a reduction in energy consumption; and significant money savings on monthly/yearly utilities.

In Belleville, GNI installs only the highest quality products.

For homeowners in Belleville, GNI offers the highest quality insulation products on the market, along with superior installation work. One product option is blown insulation – a reliable, cost-effective install that’s available in fiberglass or cellulose. Blown insulation is ideal for attics and roofs - with satisfactory R-Values, and an effective “thermal blanket” that has a good lifespan. GNI also installs the more traditional fiberglass batts, also a good option for attics and roofs, and with satisfactory R-Values where installed.

For those homeowners focused on high performance insulation, GNI can recommend Spray Foam Insulation – it’s considered the best product on the market. SFI has quickly become the “go to” product for many professionals in the business. And it does everything in a single application: air sealing a space tight; providing an air barrier/vapour barrier at one time; and installing higher R-Values than most. As for product life, Spray Foam Insulation will never need any topping up, any replacement, or any replenishment.

Another installation offered by GNI is a “hybrid” combination – this is an installation that delivers excellent results and cost-effectiveness at the same time. The “hybrid” installation combines two products into one install. First, the Spray Foam Insulation is applied throughout. Then, blown insulation (in a choice of fiberglass or cellulose) is installed to compliment the SFI. The “hybrid” method delivers benefits from both products. Best of all, GNI provides a guarantee on products installed and workmanship performed.

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