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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Richmond Hill

Removing old home insulation will depend on a number of factors.

When considering insulation removal, the biggest deciding factor will be the prevailing condition and quality of the insulation. For instance, an older home may have installed insulation that isn’t working as it once did. But old insulation or not, it’s important to consider whether removal is a serious matter or not. For insulation removal in Richmond Hill and in surrounding locales, Great Northern Insulation offers a practical and comprehensive approach from end to end. GNI experts gauge the extent of removal involved; they evaluate the repairs/retrofitting that may be required; and they undertake to reinstall new, high quality insulation product.

In every home, there are a variety of reasons to remove insulation.

Every home is unique in size and layout, and the reasons for removing insulation will vary. GNI crews have experienced all types of removal scenarios. They have come across insulation that is lacking, and isn’t doing a good job. They have come across spaces that are over-insulated. And they have come across installations that are just plain inferior. GNI crews have also found certain situations where substandard ventilation and air sealing affects the performance of the installed insulation. Needless to say, there are also situations where insulation removal is urgent. Here, the insulation may be wet, or deteriorating, or contain asbestos residue.

Removing insulation is ideal while undertaking a home renovation.

Removing insulation during a home renovation is ideal. If the sub-trades can work well together, it can make for a streamlined process for removal and installation. In fact, a home reno is also an ideal time to make much-needed repairs or retrofits, just prior to installing new insulation. For Great Northern Insulation, removing insulation involves a number of steps. First, assessing the condition of the existing material. Next, deciding how much of the material should be removed or recovered. And finally, deciding whether the new insulation material can be installed on top of existing product. The objective is to remove/install most efficiently. 

In most homes, removing old insulation will require a professional.

While it’s true that insulation removal is ultimately a cleanup job, its still very specialized work, and it needs a level of expertise. Great Northern Insulation uses industrial vacuum equipment to remove and dispose the old insulation. Waste is safely eliminated, and all dirt and debris is fully cleared. For GNI, it’s also important to prepare the area for reinstalling new insulation. This is an opportunity to seal the space tight and to retrofit ventilation where required. For new insulation, GNI always installs high quality product throughout the space. Overall, performance is assured with effective air sealing, efficient ventilation, and quality insulation.

For some, a DIY approach to insulation removal might be tempting.

To save money, some homeowners might be tempted by a DIY approach to insulation removal. However, nothing quite compares with a professional job. Insulation removal can be challenging and painstaking. It’s very time consuming and someone without experience may well take twice the time as a professional. Additionally, insulation removal may pose a hazard, along with some potential risk for a homeowner who is inexperienced. Sometimes, there are worst-case situations - like insulation that is contaminated, or infested with mold, or containing residual deposits of asbestos. Whatever the case, it’s far better too rely on a professional.

Before installing new insulation, thorough removal/cleanup is key.

For homeowners thinking about insulation removal in Richmond Hill, Great Northern Insulation provides professional service from start to finish. Insulation removal is comprehensive; waste disposal is clean and safe; and new product installation is at a high standard. Beyond removal, GNI makes sure that all necessary repairs and retrofits are undertaken. In some situations, work may include an air barrier or vapour barrier. In other situations, there may be considerable work when retrofitting existing ventilation to ensure better circulation. Probably the most important, however, is the need to seal the space properly and ensure airtightness.

For Great Northern Insulation, sealing a space airtight is essential.

In every home, indoor air movement will somehow impact the inside environment.  Air naturally carries moisture, oxygen, and pollutants throughout the home. But when a home is well sealed, air movement is better managed, and the indoor environment benefits from better air circulation and enhanced energy efficiency. For the experts at Great Northern Insulation, a home operates in the manner of a “system” - in other words, air sealing, ventilation, and insulation work together. Indeed, air sealing has become just as important as the insulation. And with a professional touch, the “system” performs at peak, along with improved energy efficiency.

GNI offers homeowners a wide range of quality insulation options.

For local customers in Richmond Hill, GNI can offer a range of quality insulation products. One option is blown insulation - a reliable and cost effective install for spaces like the attic and roof. Blown insulation is available in cellulose or fiberglass. It’s blown into a given space to create a “thermal blanket” that effectively insulates - and it offers satisfactory R-Values during summer and winter. GNI also installs fiberglass insulation batts, also a good option for the attic and roof.

For high performance, GNI often recommends Spray Foam Insulation. It’s highly regarded in the industry, and provides more benefits than other insulation products. Professionally installed, SFI seals up a space completely airtight, and therefore creates an effective air barrier/vapour barrier with a single application. Once installed, Spray Foam Insulation has better R-Value ratings than other comparable products, and will never need topping up, replenishment, or replacement.

A unique insulation approach from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” method. It’s a cost-effective method, combining two products into one install - Spray Foam Insulation and blown insulation. Together, these products deliver excellent insulation results and good value. In fact, in the average home, the annual energy savings can easily “pay off” the original project investment in a reasonable timespan. In short, annual savings on heating and cooling are substantial.

With Great Northern Insulation, homeowners in Richmond Hill can count on total satisfaction. With quality products and superior installations, GNI guarantees customer satisfaction and long-term product performance.

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