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Spray Foam Insulation in Orillia

At Great Northern Insulation, we often hear the same question from residential homeowners, house builders, and private contractors.  The question is focused on whether or not spray foam is necessary for their particular project.  Our position is typically the same:  using spray foam insulation, as part of an insulation “system”, is the best option.  And it addresses several issues at one time – unusually high heating and cooling costs; noticeable imbalance in heating and/or cooling cycles; and poor performance of the HVAC system.

For the professionals in the industry, spray foam insulation (also known as polyurethane foam) is by far the best approach in terms of creating energy efficiency.  They maintain that the spray foam insulation product is just a better product:  it seals better and delivers a better R-value than other products or product combinations.  It also adds structural strength wherever it’s applied.  As for GNI, we typically recommend spray foam insulation because there’s nothing out there that does a better job.

Industry statistics bear it out - when compared with other insulation products, spray foam is head and shoulders above anything else.  If you are considering spray foam insulation in Orillia, or in the local towns and communities, Great Northern Insulation is worth a call.  We are one of the leading contractors in the region, and our installation protocol is simple - we seal it tight, and ventilate it right.  And for us, the spray foam insulation product is part of the protocol.  We believe that sealing tight (without ventilating) is only half the job.

Spray foam is ideal for spaces like the attic, inside the walls, under the floors or above a ceiling.  It is sprayed into a cavity, using special equipment, and applies initially as a thick liquid.  The compounds expand as they are applied and harden immediately into a dense layer of insulation that is impenetrable.  The dense layer of foam covers everything - and it completely seals holes, cracks, and all of the hard-to-reach areas.  Applying spray foam insulation eradicates the need for a vapor barrier, since the foam itself stops the movement of any moisture.  

The team at GNI recommends spray foam insulation because it provides so many benefits:  the energy efficiency of a building is substantially improved; indoor air circulation is enhanced, and therefore air quality improves; and HVAC equipment works in better balance.  The important thing is that a building is allowed to “breathe” properly.  In general, utility bills are lower from season to season, and because moisture movement is so significantly restricted, any growth of mould and mildew is completely negated.

Expert installation by the professionals at Great Northern Insulation is unmatched.  All of our installers are trained and proficient, with years of experience using spray foam, and with equal expertise in the installation process.  We always follow industry and building standards; abide by construction building codes and local by-laws; and install according to each manufacturer’s product specifications.  We always stand behind our products and installations, offering our customers the warrantees that support everything we sell and install.  

With Great Northern Insulation, you’ll find a company that does it right, the first time.  And this approach applies to every job we do, regardless of size or scope.  We do our best to understand the unique challenges of the job; we recommend the products that best suit the job; and we install with precision.  We know the ins and outs of spray foam insulation, which is why we discourage customers from turning a spray foam installation into a DIY project.  This is work that is best left to professionals – to the experts who understand the product and the install.

As a product, spray foam was originally used in the 1960s in industrial applications.  It turned out to be an excellent insulation for freezers and coolers, and was perfected over the years, becoming the spray foam product we use today.  For the professionals in the industry, it has become a favorite, especially for large cavities like attics and roofs.  A proper install seals and insulates even the smallest spaces, the same small spaces that other products can’t cover.  And when coverage is optimum, there are no gaps or holes, and no air can escape.

Great Northern Insulation routinely recommends spray foam for new construction projects; for renovation projects; and for retrofits.  At the same time, we urge a proper installation.  No product will perform to its potential without a proper install.  That’s why GNI installers are well trained, licensed and certified - they know how to properly prepare the work area, they know how to protect themselves with safety gear, and they know how to safeguard residents and occupants during an installation.

Industry statistics tell the story best.  Spray foam usage has grown almost 40% each year during the last decade.  It’s a growth spurt that reflects how popular the product has become across the country.  With heating and cooling costs reduced by up to one-half, this product has proven itself over and over again.  Beyond that, other benefits are also impressive:  both air and moisture movement is impeded; excellent R-values are realized; and sounds are deafened.  In fact, homes with spray foam insulation often have higher resale prices.

In terms of cost, spray foam applications are generally more costly when compared to other products.  But the bottom line is clear - you usually get what you pay for, and spray foam is no exception.  This is a premium product with excellent product attributes.  The application will last a lifetime, it doesn’t need replacement or “topping up”, and it provides a very reasonable “pay-back” period between 2 and 7 years.  Most importantly, especially for the homeowner, are the energy savings, which make the initial costs well worth it.

If you are in the market for spray foam insulation in Orillia, or in the surrounding communities, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  We specialize in spray foam insulation, and we have the experience and expertise to do the job right, the first time.

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