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Attic Insulation in Owen Sound

If you’re going to insulate your attic, and if you’re currently shopping around for attic insulation in Owen Sound, there are a few things worth considering.  It’s very important, for instance, to choose the right insulation product for your particular need.  It’s also important to choose a contractor that is reputable and reliable.  And since you are the customer, it’s important to understand the job at hand - the intentions, the objectives, and the challenges.  As for choosing the contractor, it’s very important to find a company that is well established and known for their quality work.

Great Northern Insulation is Canada’s largest full-service insulation contractor.  Our reputation is based on the fundamentals of quality products and quality installations - we sell only top-quality products – we install professionally – and we service our customers at the very highest standard.  We also encourage customers to be informed about the job at hand.  We want them to understand the ins and outs of their project, so they can make better decisions during the lifespan of the job.  It’s this kind of relationship that makes for better outcomes all around.

Consumers are being overwhelmed with advertising and promotion for insulation products.  The manufacturers tell us that their product is best, and the contractors tell us their installation is best.  It all gets very confusing, and purchasing decisions are actually harder to make.  A good, reputable contractor will make the whole process simpler and more straightforward - they will be prepared to answer questions honestly - they will recommend products to suit the job - and their focus will be on the customer.  And since you are the customer, your satisfaction should be paramount.

When you hire a company that’s experienced and established, it can make a difference.  The team at Great Northern Insulation works with you from start to finish.  We make sure that all of the project requisites are addressed, and we make sure to provide viable solutions that address the issues at hand.  GNI likes to do the job right the first time, regardless of the scope of work.  It means that we always install quality products and always provide a quality installation – that way, we can assure maximum product performance and long-term project outcomes.

Our attic insulation projects are comprehensive.  We start with an overall assessment; we follow with a detailed report; and we finish with viable recommendations for product and installation.    We only recommend products that meet the requirements of the project at hand.  We always focus on the customer’s pre-requisites and we always consider the budget.  When you decide to contract Great Northern Insulation, you’re in good hands from the start of the job until the end.  And as our customer, you can feel confident that your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

For GNI, every project, small or large, combines quality products with quality workmanship.  We provide our customers with the manufacturer’s product warranty when we install, and we provide our company guarantee on workmanship.  If a problem emerges, we’re committed to resolving that problem promptly.  If repairs are required, we’re committed to solving the issues and meeting the industry standard.  So if you are currently shopping around for attic insulation in Owen Sound, or in any of the surrounding communities, have a look at Great Northern Insulation.

For the insulation team at GNI, attic insulation begins with sealing - we seal up every opening, hole and gap, making sure that the entire attic is airtight.  Sealing ensures that the insulation performs to its potential, providing energy savings from one season to the next (cold winters and hot summers).  By sealing effectively, and then insulating properly, the GNI team creates a complete “system” - an attic that is effectively sealed, well ventilated, and properly insulated.  It’s a “system” that delivers exceptional benefits to the homeowner in the short term and for many years to come.

There are several insulation products that would be suitable for the attic.  However, today, most insulation professionals are choosing spray foam insulation.  It has become a favorite insulation product and has quickly become the “go to” product for expansive spaces like the attic.  In short, spray foam is considered the best product in the market.  It delivers the most benefits.  It delivers the highest R-Values.  And it delivers the best long-term outcomes.  The installation teams at Great Northern Insulation are in full agreement, and spray foam has also become their favorite.

When applied, spray foam is “sprayed” into the attic using special equipment that spreads the foam uniformly throughout.  It quickly hardens into a super dense envelope of insulation, and completely coats everything.  The entire attic is covered - support beams, plumbing pipes, ductwork, and all cables and electric wiring.  When finished, the insulated space has the highest R-Value of any other product, and provides an impervious air/moisture barrier at the same time.  There is no better way to insulate the attic, and no better product on the market that can compare.

Another product option for the attic is “blown-in” insulation.  It’s available in fiberglass or cellulose composition, and is affordable for most any budget.  “Blown-in” insulation is ideal for the attic - its “fluffy” nature is designed to restrict airflow throughout the attic, making it an effective insulator.  The product is also fire resistant; mold and mildew resistant; and inhibits insects and rodents from collecting.  When properly installed, and evenly distributed, the “blown-in” product can be easily applied right on top of existing insulation, providing an excellent “thermal blanket”.

For the very best in attic insulation, GNI recommends a “hybrid” approach.  This is an installation that combines the spray foam product AND the blown-in product in one application.  The installer would use the spray foam product along WITH the fiberglass blown-in product, OR the spray foam product along WITH the cellulose blown-in product.  This “hybrid “ approach uses the spray foam to seal and insulate, and uses the “blown-in” product to provide additional insulation and excellent dollar-value.  GNI regularly recommends this approach as one of the best for attic insulation. 

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