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Spray Foam Insulation in Orangeville

For insulation professionals throughout the industry, spray foam insulation is regarded as the best product of all, when compared to any of the other options.  Spray foam is also referred to as “polyurethane foam” and is simply a better product than the rest.  A spray foam application does a better sealing job.  It delivers a better R-value than other insulation products.  And it adds structural strength to the area where it’s applied.  At Great Northern Insulation, our team will routinely recommend the spray foam product for all kinds of applications.

Industry facts and figures always come to the same conclusion - when insulation products are compared, the spray foam product is head and shoulders above the rest.  If you are in the market for an insulation contractor, and thinking about spray foam insulation in Orangeville, then Great Northern Insulation is worth considering.  We are leaders in the industry, and come to you with a simple and straightforward methodology:  we seal it tight, and ventilate it right.  We consider sealing tight and ventilating right as doing a complete job.

Based on our experience with spray foam insulation in Orangeville, customers often ask if the spray foam product is necessary for their particular project.  This is a question that comes from homeowners, house builders, and contractors alike.  And we usually answer everyone in the same way.  GNI believes that the spray foam product, when it’s part of an “insulation system”, is the best approach.  The potential benefits are clear:  heating and cooling costs are reduced; heating and cooling cycles are balanced; and overall HVAC performance is enhanced.

Spray foam insulation has become the “go to” product for the professionals - it’s the ultimate insulation product.  For spaces like the attic, inside the walls, or under the floor, spray foam is ideal.  It is sprayed from a special nozzle, and comes out as a thick liquid.  The liquid expands as it’s being applied, and quickly hardens into place.  A solid, dense layer of insulation is created, which is impermeable to air and moisture.  Spray foam coverage is total and complete, covering everything in sight, including all of the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices.

Insulation professionals prefer the spray foam product because it totally eliminates the need for a vapor barrier – it actually becomes its own air and moisture barrier.  As well, there are additional benefits:  energy efficiency throughout the premises is improved; circulation of the indoor air is enhanced; and performance of the HVAC system is maximized.  With a spray foam application, and the appropriate ventilation, a building can “breathe” properly.  Indeed, it’s an environment where mould and mildew growth are completely circumvented.

As far as the installation process itself, Great Northern Insulation leads the way in the industry.  Our installers are trained experts with years of experience with the spray foam product and with the install process.  Our people always follow and obey established building standards, construction codes, and by-laws.  And they always install based on the manufacturer’s specific product specifications.  At GNI, we stand behind the products we install, and we provide our customers with the manufacturer’s warrantee to support that install.  

Our philosophy at Great Northern Insulation is to do it right - the first time.  This is a business approach that we employ on every job.  We make sure to understand the unique challenges of a project, and we will always recommend the product that will best suit that project.  We know the spray foam industry, and we know that it is more than just a DIY project.  It’s work that should be contracted to experts, which is why we routinely discourage customers to undertake a do-it-yourself approach.

When spray foam was first developed in the 1960s, it was used mainly in industry.  It turned out to be an effective insulator for freezers and coolers, and even proved itself for insulating cold storage rooms.  Over the years, the product was improved, eventually becoming the superior insulation product that is used today.  For the professionals in the industry, the spray foam product is ideal for very large expanses like the attic or roof cavity.  It covers, seals and insulates even the smallest of spaces, and when the application is complete, air cannot escape.

At Great Northern Insulation, we recommend the spray foam product for all new construction, retrofits, and renovations.  We also recommend a professional installation, because no product will perform to its full potential if its not properly installed.  That’s why GNI installers are trained, licensed and certified.  GNI installation teams do the job completely:  they prepare the work area accordingly; they use personal protective and safety gear; and they safeguard the residents and/or occupants.

The universal popularity of spray foam is apparent from annual industry statistics.  Usage has grown by some 40% a year during the last decade.  This is an increase that shows how popular both the product and application have become.  The fact is, spray foam has proven its product effectiveness, and has delivered the desired benefits when installed: heating and cooling costs are reduced; R-values are significantly enhanced; and air and moisture are controlled.  In many situations, a home with spray foam insulation can have a higher resale price than without.

On the subject of cost, the spray foam product is considered more costly when it is compared to other insulation products.  The cost/benefit comparison, however, makes the installation very worthwhile.  You get what you pay for, and with spray foam insulation this is abundantly true.  This is a premium product with benefits to match.  Spray foam lasts a lifetime, and will not need to be replaced.  It has a “pay-back” period of between 2 and 7 years, but most importantly, the substantial energy savings that are realized make the initial investment worthwhile.

If you are currently shopping for spray foam insulation in Orangeville, or in the surrounding towns and communities, Great Northern Insulation is worth considering as a contractor.  As our customer, you have our commitment to doing the job right - the first time.

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