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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Owen Sound

Determining whether existing insulation has to be removed and reinstalled.

When deciding to remove insulation, the quality and condition of existing materials will have the most bearing. Homes with aging insulation may require removal if the insulation material is not performing. And although removal may be necessary for different reasons, some situations will be more urgent than others. Homeowners considering insulation removal in Owen Sound can trust the experts at Great Northern Insulation for a professional approach, with excellent results. GNI assesses the overall removal work; evaluates potential repairs; and recommends solutions.

Depending on the situation, there are various reasons to remove insulation.

Clearly, every home is uniquely different when it comes to insulation removal. Over the years, GNI has handled most every situation. There are occasions when there is just too little insulation.  There are occasions when there is just too much insulation. And there are occasions when things are just not performing well (caused by inadequate ventilation). Poor ventilation and poor air sealing can cause big problems in spaces like the attic or roof. There are also more urgent reasons for removing insulation – like deteriorated materials or leftover deposits of asbestos/vermiculite.

It’s convenient and efficient to remove insulation while doing a home reno.

Removing existing insulation while doing a home reno can be really efficient. If the tradespeople can work well together, then removing insulation and then reinstalling can be simplified. This is also a good time to make essential repairs; to do required retrofitting; and to reinstall new and upgraded insulation. At GNI, it’s all about a professional, step-by-step process. First, evaluating the amount of insulation that will be removed. Second, deciding if any of the existing insulation can be saved. And third, determining if new insulation can be installed on top of existing material.

Insulation removal is a project that calls for some professional experience.

Essentially, insulation removal is about a proper cleanup. But even then, this is work that calls for professional experience. At Great Northern Insulation, crews use industrial cleaning equipment to thoroughly clean the space; they safely dispose of waste externally; and they eliminate every element of debris, dirt, and remains. With GNI, the space will be properly prepared and ready for the next step – sealing the space airtight; retrofitting with appropriate ventilation; and installing new and improved insulation. This is the way to ensure peak performance for the reinstallation.

For some homeowners, the DIY approach might be inviting to save money.

While there are a host of DIY options for insulation removal, there is much to say for an expert approach. In many cases, removing insulation can be complicated. The work is laborious and time consuming - it can take an amateur twice as long to complete the work as a professional. Not only that - some removals can be hazardous, and with serious risk for a homeowner without relevant experience. In a worst-case scenario, deteriorated insulation could be contaminated with animal remains, mold deposits, and even leftover asbestos. Insulation removal is best left to the experts.

Successful re-installation of new insulation depends on thorough removal.

For insulation removal in Owen Sound, local homeowners can trust Great Northern Insulation for a comprehensive job: thorough cleanup; safe removal; and superior installation. Beyond cleanup and removal, GNI also ensures appropriate repairs and retrofitting where required. For example, there may be good reason to install an air barrier or vapour barrier to control air and moisture. There may also be a need to retrofit the ventilation to ensure proper air circulation. Above all, GNI will seal a space airtight – it will ensure optimum performance of newly installed insulation.

Sealing a space airtight is a pre-requisite for the insulation experts at GNI.

Whatever the layout of a home, air movement has a direct impact on the indoor environment. When air moves throughout a home, moisture, oxygen, and pollutants will be distributed. When a home is properly sealed, air movement is effectively managed. In fact, a properly sealed home will provide much improved energy efficiency during every season of the year. For the experts at GNI, it’s important to create a working “system” that will incorporate air sealing, ventilation, and insulation. It’s a “system” that allows for optimum energy efficiency and insulation performance.  

When installing new insulation, there are some very good options available.

When installing new insulation in Owen Sound, there are some very good options available from Great Northern Insulation. One option is blown insulation. It’s a popular product for use in attics and roof cavities, and is available in fiberglass or cellulose fabrication. GNI installers blow this product throughout a given space, and fashion a thick “blanket” of thermal insulation that will envelop the space completely. This is a very cost-effective application with satisfactory long-term results. GNI also offers fiberglass batt insulation, an option suitable for attics and roofs, as well as wall cavities. Fiberglass batts offer good R-Values where installed, and a satisfactory lifespan.

More recently, GNI has recommended Spray Foam Insulation for a good many home applications. SFI is very highly regarded in the industry as a high performance insulation product. It has more product benefits than any comparable product on the market today. SFI can do more in a single application than anything comparable. Most importantly, it seals a space airtight and serves as an air barrier and vapour barrier simultaneously. When professionally installed in the attic or roof, Spray Foam Insulation has very high R-Values and a product lifespan that is unequalled. SFI will never need topping up, will never require replacement, and will never need to be replenished.

Still another insulation option from GNI is the “hybrid” method. This is yet another cost-effective installation which combines two insulation products into one application. First, the Spray Foam Insulation is applied. Then, one of the two blown insulation products is applied (the cellulose or the fiberglass). This combination “hybrid” install delivers excellent results, and with considerable energy savings from one season to the next. For many a homeowner, annual savings on energy costs can actually “pay down” the original cost of the installation. And best of all, homeowners in Owen Sound can trust GNI to provide 100% satisfaction on both product and workmanship.

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