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Basement Insulation in Orangeville

The basement used to be an uninhabited space - and it was practically unused. It was space for the laundry machines, the furnace and hot water heater, and storage. It was not set up for living. In most cases, the walls were made of brick, without any insulation, and without any drywall. For the most part, basements were cold and damp, and usually musty. But in more recent years, basements have become quite functional living spaces and are being used for a wide variety of purposes.

Today, most basements are livable. The space may be used as a living room; another bedroom; an office; or an “in-law suite”. But whatever the use, it has become a functional, comfortable space. And the key to all that indoor comfort comes from the insulation. A properly insulated basement, with well-insulated walls, will provide both comfort and energy conservation throughout the year.  For basement insulation in Orangeville, this is particularly important because of ever-rising costs of heating/cooling.

On average, the typical homeowner doesn’t fully appreciate how important it is to properly insulate the basement. It’s a big mistake because the basement space should be as well insulated as the rest of the house. Indeed, many insulation experts believe that basement insulation is even more important than other parts of the house. And doing it thoroughly will contribute to a comfortable living space, while reducing seasonal utility bills.  It’s a home improvement project with many benefits.

Insulating the basement walls, using a good product and a professional install is well worthwhile. Thermal resistance is enhanced; indoor/outdoor air transfer is inhibited; and moisture collection is hindered. A well-insulated basement also allows the HVAC equipment to operate at peak, and therefore ensures better energy conservation. Most important, the cost savings on utilities will be significant from one season to the next, especially in regions where weather is extreme.

Is insulating the basement a worthwhile project?

Insulating the basement (including the basement walls) is one of the best home improvements that a homeowner can make. A well-insulated basement will reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year, and will bring enough annual savings to substantiate the cost of the project.

What do the experts recommend for basements?

Industry professionals link the benefits of basement insulation to the amount of R-Value installed. In other words, higher R-Values bring better outcomes. However, results will always vary on the size and layout of the basement; the insulation product used; and the installation method employed.

What savings are to be expected after insulation?

With a professional installation, and a high quality insulation product, homeowners are practically guaranteed seasonal savings on their utilities. But again, actual savings will depend on some factors: the dimensions of the basement; the product used; and the amount of R-Value installed.

Are there project specifications for insulating?

Some regions of the country may have building codes that dictate installation of basement insulation. A good contractor can explain the ins and outs, and suggest the product and installation best suited for the job. In many cases, new home construction may have more stringent specifications.

Do basement walls require any special prep?

The most important thing to establish when preparing the basement is if there are any water entry problems.  Water entry is problematical, and must be resolved prior to insulating. Everything will depend on the gravity of the situation, and in some cases, this may become a major project.

How do hard-to-reach areas get insulated?

Practically every basement has hard-to-reach areas – and they are all difficult to insulate. The best, most effective product for hard-to-reach areas is spray foam insulation. No other product can seal or insulate as effectively as spray foam, and it’s all done with one application.

For those homeowners thinking about basement insulation in Orangeville, a good contractor can help to decide on the right product and the right application. From the professionals’ standpoint, the best is a spray foam installation - one that envelops the basement totally and completely. As such, a comprehensive spray foam install will serve as an air barrier, a vapor barrier, and insulation all in one. And it’s an application that delivers the highest R-Value rating of any comparable product.

For the ultimate insulation, the experts recommend insulating the basement floor. Here, a thick base of spray foam is installed into the under-floor, and concrete is installed on top. This method provides the most effective sealing and insulating of any product on the market (but may not be suitable for all project budgets). As for the rest of the basement, it’s key for the space to be airtight. This will ensure that airflow is suppressed, and the collection of moisture constrained.

Basement insulation is all about energy conservation, which in turn is about saving on energy bills. The best outcomes are derived with spray foam installation, and that includes a high quality product along with a professional installation. In short, spray foam insulation delivers results: a basement that is completely airtight; an effective envelope that serves as BOTH an air AND moisture barrier; and home insulation with the highest R-Value rating that any product can deliver.

The spray foam product is a premium product. For those with a limited budget, an excellent alternative is a “hybrid” approach, which combines spray foam and fiberglass “batts”. Here, an application of spray foam is installed, with a supplementary installation of “batts”.  These two products work very well together and deliver excellent results. Best of all, the “hybrid” approach is a cost effective option with excellent benefits, both short term and long term.

On the whole, basement insulation is a big project. It’s therefore worth doing right the first time. And while spray foam is the very best product and install, the “hybrid” installation is a great alternate. Together, the two products (spray foam and “batts”) deliver high performance in a given budget. The spray foam is the ultimate sealer and insulator, while the fiberglass “batts” complement the R-Value, and keep the project cost-effective.

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