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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Newmarket

It’s important to establish if the existing insulation should be removed.

The decision to remove existing insulation (like in the attic), will depend on the condition of the installed material. Homes with old insulation might require removal just because the material has lost integrity. And while every removal situation is different, some situations may be more urgent and may require fast action. For homeowners who are thinking about insulation removal in Newmarket, Great Northern Insulation provides a professional approach that delivers results. GNI assesses the removal work; evaluates the repair work; and recommends viable solutions.

There are a number of reasons to remove old or aged home insulation.

Every home is unique when it comes to removing insulation. The crews at GNI have handled practically every situation. At times, there’s too little insulation to do the job properly. At times, there’s too much insulation – which can easily cause ventilation problems. And finally, there are situations where a space like the attic or roof is inadequately sealed or not at all. In many older homes, the installed insulation may have started to deteriorate after many decades. Worse still, there are old homes that have home insulation that still contains asbestos and/or vermiculite.

Removing insulation during home renovations is timely and efficient.

Removing insulation while doing other home renovations is both timely and efficient. If trades can work together, removing insulation (and reinstalling) can be easily streamlined. It’s a good opportunity to make necessary repairs; it’s ideal to expedite any retrofitting work; and it makes for simplified installation of new insulation. For the installers at GNI, it’s a thorough, step-by-step process – first, assessing the extent of insulation to be removed; then, deciding on how much old insulation can be saved; and finally, determining if new product can be installed atop existing.

Removing insulation demands professional experience and expertise.

In simple terms, insulation removal is basically a “cleanup”. But this is also work that demands professional experience and expertise. The professionals at Great Northern Insulation make use of industrial equipment to thoroughly clean and safely dispose of insulation waste. Industrial vacuums are used to completely remove the waste materials, eliminating everything through an external disposal unit. GNI crews make sure that worksites are totally debris-free and properly prepared for installing new insulation product. Once clear, the open space can be sealed airtight.

For some, a do-it-yourself approach to insulation removal is inviting.

Clearly, there are various do-it-yourself options when it comes to insulation removal. But for GNI, experience has shown that a professional approach is preferable in the end. Removing insulation can get complicated, and overall, the work is very laborious. An amateur without experience will work twice as much as a professional. Beyond that, removal can often be hazardous, and could pose a serious risk for someone who has no experience. Just by example, deteriorating insulation could be contaminated with mold growth or animal waste. Still worse - there could be asbestos.

Properly removing insulation is crucial for an effective re-installation.

For insulation removal in Newmarket, residential homeowners can depend on the team at Great Northern Insulation to do a complete job - from safe removal, to thorough cleanup, to superior reinstallation. But beyond removal and cleanup, it’s also important to incorporate repairs and/or retrofitting where necessary. For example, an air barrier or vapour barrier might be required. Or, there may be retrofitting required to ensure optimum ventilation. But above all, GNI insists on sealing a space airtight. Sealing will ensure maximum performance of the reinstalled insulation.

For the experts at Great Northern Insulation, sealing is a pre-requisite.

Whatever the size or layout of the home, indoor air movement impacts the building structure. When air moves, it carries with it moisture, oxygen, and pollutants. Simply put, a properly sealed home will manage air movement effectively. A properly sealed home (along with the appropriate ventilation) will provide improved energy efficiency throughout the seasons. For GNI, it’s vital to create a “system” that includes air sealing, ventilation, and top-quality insulation. In this manner, the finished “system” allows for optimum efficiency and performance in an energy efficient home.  

When it comes to reinstallation, there are various insulation products.

When it comes to installing insulation, Great Northern Insulation offers various product options for customers in Newmarket. One product is blown insulation - popular for attics and roofs (and even walls). Blown insulation is available in fiberglass or cellulose, providing satisfactory R-Value wherever it’s installed. GNI installers blow the product into a cavity, and create a thick thermal “blanket” that insulates the space. It’s a cost-effective application that delivers satisfactory long-term outcomes. Another option from GNI is fiberglass batt insulation, also a good option for attics and roof cavities. It’s an installation with a good R-Value level, and a consistent product lifespan.

In recent years, GNI has been recommending Spray Foam Insulation for residential applications. In the industry, SFI is highly regarded – it’s a high performance product with more attributes and benefits than any comparable product option. Once installed, SFI does more with one application than anything on the market. SFI seals a space completely airtight, and incorporates an effective air barrier and vapour barrier in one. Professionally installed, a space has very high R-Values and a lifespan that no other insulation product can match. Spray Foam Insulation never needs topping up, never needs replacement, and never needs replenishment. Cost wise, it’s a premium product.

Another reinstallation option from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” install. This is a cost-effective install that incorporates two insulation products as a combination application. To begin with, Spray Foam Insulation is applied throughout. Then, one of the blown insulation products is installed (either the cellulose or the fiberglass).  The “hybrid” installation delivers excellent short term and long-term results, along with substantial energy savings throughout the seasons. In fact, the annual savings on energy can significantly “pay down” the overall project investment. Best of all, customers in Newmarket can rely on GNI for full satisfaction and reliable product warranties.

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