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A Practical Approach to Insulation Removal in Orillia

Deciding whether home insulation should be completely removed.

Deciding whether insulation should be removed or not will depend largely on the condition and quality of the existing installation. Homes that have aging insulation might require removal for the simple reason that the material is just not performing. And while removing insulation may be required for various reasons, some reasons remain more pressing than others. For homeowners thinking about insulation removal in Orillia, Great Northern Insulation offers professionalism and expertise:  assessing the scope of work; evaluating repairs; and recommending install options.

There are many and varied reasons for removing aging insulation.

With insulation removal, every home is different and every project is unique. GNI has handled every conceivable situation over the years. There are times when insulation is just not sufficient. There are also times when there’s too much insulation. And finally, there are times when the installed insulation is not performing. Beyond the condition of the insulation, GNI also finds that bad ventilation and bad air sealing can be a problem. In the worst situations, insulation removal is actually imperative:  like waterlogged insulation; deteriorating materials; or residual asbestos.

Removing insulation during a home renovation could be expedient.

Removing insulation during a home renovation project can be expedient. If tradespeople can work cooperatively, removing and reinstalling insulation can be very much streamlined. In fact, during a renovation, it’s a good time to make any required repairs or retrofits before reinstalling new insulation. For the team at GNI, insulation removal is a step-by-step process: deciding how much of the insulation will be removed; determining if the existing insulation can be salvaged; and assessing if the new insulation materials can be installed right on top of the existing material.

For the most part, insulation removal needs professional expertise.

Fundamentally, insulation removal is a cleanup job. But it’s still work that needs professional expertise. At Great Northern Insulation, industrial equipment is used to clean and clear a given space. Insulation waste is safely disposed in an external disposal unit. And finally, every remnant of debris and dirt is eliminated. GNI crews ensure that the space is well prepared for reinstalling the new insulation – first, sealing the space tight; second, retrofitting the ventilation; and third, installing new, high quality product. It’s an approach that assures performance for the long run.

Some homeowners consider the DIY approach to be money saving.

Local home improvement centers have many DIY options for homeowners removing insulation. But overall, an expert approach is a much-preferred approach. Removing insulation can often get complicated. This is work that is time consuming and laborious. An amateur without expertise can easily take twice as long to do the same work as a professional. As well, some removal work can actually be hazardous, and in some cases, there may be potential risk for a homeowner. In those worst-case scenarios, insulation could be contaminated, and even contain asbestos residue.

When installing new insulation product, proper removal is critical.

For insulation removal in Orillia, and in the surrounding communities, homeowners can rely on the professionals at Great Northern Insulation. GNI does the job from end to end: comprehensive cleanup; thorough removal; safe disposal; and superior re-installation. As well, GNI undertakes the necessary repairs and retrofitting before any new insulation is installed. For instance, there may be a requirement for an air barrier or vapour barrier. There may also be a requirement to upgrade the ventilation for better air circulation. Finally, there will be a need to seal the space.

Sealing spaces airtight is a high priority for the expert team at GNI.

In every home, regardless of size or shape, air movement impacts the indoor environment. When air is moving around the home, it carries and distributes oxygen, moisture, and pollutants. Homes that are properly sealed manage air movement more effectively and provide better air circulation and better energy efficiency. For the expert team at GNI, every insulation project is about creating a “system” - one that incorporates air sealing, ventilation, and insulation. The finished “system”, professionally handled, will allow for optimum insulation performance and energy efficiency.  

Today, there are many quality insulation products to choose from.

For customers installing insulation in Orillia, Great Northern Insulation has several good options to choose from. Blown insulation, for instance, is a reliable product in attics and roofs. Available in fiberglass or cellulose, GNI installers blow the product into a given space, and build up a thick “blanket” of insulation to completely envelop the space. Blown insulation is a cost-effective install that delivers satisfactory results from season to season. Great Northern Insulation also installs fiberglass batts, an insulation option with good R-Values and satisfactory product lifespan.

In terms of high performance products, GNI recommends Spray Foam Insulation for many homes. SFI is highly regarded throughout the industry, and delivers more project benefits than any of the products available today. In fact, the SFI application does more with one installation than any comparable application - it seals a given space airtight; it provides an effective air barrier; and it serves as an efficient vapour barrier. With a professional install, Spray Foam Insulation has high R-Values and a lifespan that is unparalleled. SFI never needs to be replaced or replenished.

Another option from Great Northern Insulation is the “hybrid” install. This is a very cost-effective installation that combines Spray Foam Insulation with one of the two blown insulation products (a choice of cellulose or fiberglass). Here, the combination of two products is designed to deliver excellent results at a good price point. And with considerable energy savings throughout the year, many homeowners can “pay down” the original installation investment with their annual savings on heating and air conditioning. In recent years, the “hybrid” install has gained popularity. 

Homeowners in Orillia can rely on Great Northern Insulation for total project satisfaction. With quality products, and superior installation methods, GNI provides customers with manufacturer warranties on everything that’s installed, along with a customer assurance on workmanship.

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