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Spray Foam Insulation in Huntsville

For the insulation professionals who know, spray foam insulation is considered to be the best product when compared to others.  Generically, it’s known as polyurethane foam, and is simply just a better insulation product.  Spray foam insulation provides a superior R-value than other similar products; it does a superior job of sealing a given space; and it adds structural stability to an area where it is installed.  When it comes to insulation, Great Northern Insulation will routinely recommend the spray foam product mainly because it’s a superior product.

Throughout the industry, statistics strongly uphold the product claims.  When spray foam is compared to other insulation products on the market, it invariably comes out on top.  If you are in the process of shopping for insulation, and considering spray foam insulation in Huntsville, Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  We are a well-reputed contractor in the region, with a simple approach to installation: we seal tight and ventilate right.  We consider sealing and ventilating to be a complete and comprehensive approach in every job we do.

For many years, we’ve been hearing a similar question from homebuilders, contractors, and residential homeowners.  They ask whether spray foam insulation is the right product for their particular insulating project.  And our answer is usually the same - we consider spray foam insulation as the best product option, when it’s part of an overall “insulation system”.  From our experience, we know that several issues are addressed:  overly high cost of heating and cooling; imbalances of heating and cooling cycles; and poor performance of the HVAC.

For professionals in the business, spray foam insulation has become the ultimate product.  It’s the ideal product for larger spaces like attics, roofs, and wall cavities.  The spray foam is applied using a special nozzle, and is sprayed out in thick liquid form initially.  The compounds expand as they are being applied, covering a given area completely, and hardening into a dense layer of insulation that remains in place.  The new layer of foam insulation is impervious to both air and moisture, and covers even the hardest-to-reach cracks and crevices completely.

One of the major benefits of using spray foam is that a separate vapor barrier is not required.  It’s because the dense foam insulation layer is impervious to any moisture – it essentially acts as its own vapor barrier.  But there’s more to the spray foam product:  overall energy efficiency is enhanced; indoor air quality and air circulation are improved; and HVAC equipment operates to its full potential.  As well, the building structure “breathes” properly, everything is balanced, and the new environment contributes to lower utility bills from one season to the next.

For application and installation of the spray foam product, Great Northern Insulation leads the way in the Huntsville region.  Our installers are the very best - well trained, proficient, and with many years of experience and expertise.  We follow all established construction and building codes, and always abide by local by-laws.  Everything we install is based on the manufacturer’s product specifications, and everything we sell and install is covered by a warranty that offers additional customer confidence on our work.  

At Great Northern Insulation, our installation approach is simple – we do it right the first time - and it applies to every job we do, regardless of size.  We also do our best to understand a job, and the challenges posed by that job.  We will always recommend the product that best suits the application.  We know our business well, which is why we strongly urge customers NOT to turn a spray foam installation into a DIY job.  This is work for the professional installer, an expert who understands the unique product and the specialized installation.

During the 1960s, when spray foam was first introduced, it was primarily used for specific industrial applications.  As an excellent insulator, it was the perfect product to insulate freezers and coolers.  The product has been greatly improved over the years, and has become the high quality insulation product that we use today.  Indeed, professionals throughout the industry agree that spray foam insulation is THE product of choice for attics and roof cavities – it seals and insulates like no other product on the market.

Great Northern Insulation regularly recommends spray foam insulation for new construction, retrofitting, and renovation work (residential and commercial).  Beyond the high quality of the product itself, proper installation is critical, because NO product will perform to its potential if installation is substandard.  At GNI, our installers are trained, licensed and certified – they prepare the project area appropriately; they always make use of the proper protective gear and safety equipment; and they always provide safeguards for the occupants while they install.

Spray foam insulation has gained wide popularity in recent years.  Statistics show that growth is about 40% per year, which indicates just how popular the product has become.  The fact is that spray foam insulation has proven itself.  Heating and cooling costs are reduced throughout the building structure; R-values are substantially enhanced; and air and moisture movement are curtailed.  It has also been recognized that a residential home with installed spray foam insulation can potentially bring a higher sale price than a home without.

On the subject of cost, spray foam insulation is a more expensive product when it’s compared to other insulation products.  But the bottom line remains – from a cost-benefit perspective, the initial cost outlay is worth it.  You usually get what you pay for, and with spray foam you are getting a premium product.  The installation will last a lifetime; it doesn’t need replacement; and it will have a reasonable “pay-back” period between 2 and 7 years.  Above all, the major energy savings make the initial cost outlay well worthwhile.

If you’re currently shopping around for spray foam insulation in Huntsville, or in one of the local communities in the region, Great Northern Insulation is worth your consideration.  We are proud to say that our customers quickly find out how we operate - doing the job right, the first time.

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