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Attic insulation in Parry Sound

When installing attic insulation, smart choices must be taken.  Clearly, the insulation product must be chosen, but more importantly, it’s the installation contractor that counts.  It’s the contractor, with experience and expertise that will make the real difference - installing the correct amounts of insulation, making sure that coverage is thorough and complete, and ensuring that holes, cracks and crevices are sealed.  On a small scale, attic insulation could be considered a DIY effort, but this kind of project is best left to a contractor who has the experience and expertise to handle it from start to finish.  At Great Northern Insulation, we do the job right the first time – and we don’t see it as just insulation.  We treat attic insulation as a “system”, so we make sure that air barriers (to prevent air movement) and vapor barriers (to resist moisture) are part of that “system”.  Our approach provides optimum performance from the insulation, and creates a home environment that is well sealed, well ventilated, and well insulated.

From a consumer point of view, Great Northern Insulation wants the customer to be well informed.  In this way, they can make decisions based on facts, and come up with solutions that best suit their requirements.  We work with our customers to find those solutions.  We start with an inspection of the attic to evaluate the condition and status; we then explore different products to decide which option is best; and finally, we work with our customer to make certain that product and installation costs are within a given budget.  For homeowners replacing or upgrading their attic insulation in Parry Sound, GNI is the better choice.  Bottom line, our commitment is to provide 100% customer satisfaction:  we use only the best products, and we install everything at the highest standard.

We know that choosing attic insulation can become a difficult and frustrating task.  You have to be sure to that the product is right for the job, and you a good contractor to do a good job.  But where does one start?  Locally, contractors promote their products and services non-stop; nationally, big manufacturers advertise their products seasonally; and then, there’s that endless Internet search. The result?  Every product is marketed as the best, and every contractor is hailed as the best choice.  For the homeowner, the very best choice is an established contractor who will work collaboratively to choose the best insulation solution for the job at hand.

As far as product choices, an affordable option for anyone’s budget is blown-in insulation, which is available primarily in two forms - fiberglass or cellulose.  The “fluffy” nature of this insulation is what restricts air movement, and gives it an effective insulation effect, especially in a large space like an attic.  Both fiberglass and cellulose blown-in insulation are fire-resistant, rodent resistant, and mold resistant – very necessary features for an attic.  With custom equipment, the insulation is blown throughout the attic space, with the installer making sure to disperse it evenly and with a uniform density end to end.  One of the better features of the blown-in insulation is the facility to blow the material right on top of any existing insulation – when installed well this is an economical approach to increasing R-value that is already established.  Blown-in insulation envelops an area effectively, thus creating the “thermal blanket” that actually provides the resistance that prevents heat and cool loss.  Either of the fiberglass or cellulose products can deliver coverage in the attic that is total and complete, including all the television cables, electrical wiring, heating/cooling ductwork, and all of the wooden beams that straddle and support the attic.

Amongst industry professionals, it has been firmly established that the best insulation product by far is spray-foam insulation.  Spray-foam insulation is essentially a chemical concoction that is pre-mixed and expertly prepared, ready for application.  With special equipment and safety gear that’s designed for the product, the chemical concoction is sprayed from a nozzle, and initially sprays out as a thick liquid.  The material immediately expands, and quickly hardens into an insulation blanket that is super thick and super dense.  The vast expanse of an attic space can usually be covered with one application, with every nook and cranny filled with foam.  The coverage includes the wooden crossbeams throughout the attic; all exposed plumbing and wiring; and all of the HVAC ducting.  With a professional install, the finished attic is efficiently insulated, with an effective air barrier and an equally effective moisture barrier.  The result is a complete “system”, providing the ultimate in insulation, and make use of the best product on the market.

For the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, the best approach to attic insulation is one that that creates a “hybrid” system.  It’s a technique combining both insulation products mentioned above into one comprehensive application.  In other words, spray foam insulation combined with blown-in insulation.  Depending on the scope of the project, we would either combine spray foam and cellulose, or spray foam and fiberglass.  Throughout the industry, either of these combinations is regarded as the best approach to attic insulation - it’s because the combination technique offers the best of both worlds:  excellent air/moisture prevention (because of the dense spray foam) and excellent dollar value (because of the spray foam and blown-in insulation).  The truth is, when GNI does an insulation removal and replacement, the install team will usually recommend one of the combination installations to the customer.  We remove existing insulation completely, we decide on a product combo that is best for the job at hand, and we make sure the budget is accommodated.

If you are currently in the process of replacing or upgrading attic insulation in Parry Sound, or in any of the neighboring communities, Great Northern Insulation should definitely be your choice as an insulation contractor.  We do the job right the first time.  We warranty every product we sell and install.  We guaranty every installation.  And we deal with problem issues immediately.  In short, we’re committed to 100% satisfaction.

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