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Attic insulation in Bracebridge

Shopping for attic insulation in Bracebridge, Ontario presents the same kind of challenges as a big metropolitan city.  And deciding which product to pick, or which contractor to hire can complicate things even more.  For the management team at Great Northern Insulation, we think it’s important for consumers to be well informed, because in that way, better decisions are made.  We are considered to be the nation’s largest full-service insulation contractor, and we commit ourselves to every project - we only use top-quality products; we only install at the very highest standard; and our focus is always on superb customer service.  For us, the job just isn’t finished until the customer is fully satisfied.

Attic insulation is not much different than any other consumer product on the market - the home improvement companies send us their promotional flyers; the manufacturers launch their seasonal advertising campaigns in fall and winter; and when we search the Internet, every product seems to be the best option, and every contractor seems to be the best choice.  With all that information, choosing becomes more difficult, and the process can get somewhat frustrating.  However, an established, reputable insulation contractor like Great Northern Insulation can turn things around.  We work with YOU to determine which insulation option is best for YOU.  We start off with an extensive inspection of your attic and a report on the current condition.  We continue with some product assessments, and a determination of which insulation product would be best suited.  Most importantly, we make certain to match the product with your budget.

Whatever option is decided on for insulating your attic, most contractors agree that applying an appropriate layer of insulation is only half the job - it’s absolutely critical to fill every little crack and crevice, regardless of which insulation product is being used.  Doing otherwise defeats the purpose, and for the installation teams at GNI, there is no other way.  Our people do the job right the first time.  We provide a warranty on every product we install, we guarantee our workmanship fully, and we do our utmost to handle problems and complaints with immediacy.  

With regard to specific attic insulation products, there is industry-wide agreement that spray foam insulation is the best product on the market.  Essentially, the spray foam is prepped, mixed and sprayed out of a special hose mechanism.  And because of its chemical nature, spray foam requires special tools and equipment, as well as safety gear and protective wear.  Needless to say, this is an application best left to the experts.  The spray foam is initially applied as a thick liquid, but very quickly hardens and blankets everything in its proximity - that includes all of the wooden joists and beams; any plumbing and piping; and all electric wires and heating ducts.  The hardened foam creates a dense and tightly packed layer of insulation.  Neither air nor moisture can move through the denseness, making for the ultimate air barrier and moisture barrier combination.

Another option for attic insulation, and an affordable product for any budget, is the “blown-in” insulation, which is available in two compositions:  fiberglass or cellulose.  The fluffy nature of this product actually traps air, making it an effective insulator for a space like the attic.  “Blown-in” insulation is manufactured to be fire-resistant, and resistant to mold, mildew, insects and rodents.  Again, it’s a great option for the attic.  Using special equipment, this type of insulation is blown into the attic, dispersed evenly, and distributed so that the density is uniform.  One of the great benefits of this product is that it can be applied right on top of any existing attic insulation, and will automatically increase existing R-values.  “Blown-in” insulation covers an area very effectively, creating what the experts like to call a “thermal blanket” and contributing to the respectable levels of thermal protection that the product promises.  Best of all, this insulation product covers a given area fully and completely - it envelops the wood beams, the cables and wiring, and all the ductwork.

At Great Northern Insulation, our preference as professionals is the ULTIMATE approach to attic insulation.  Our approach is to implement a “hybrid” insulation system, one that incorporates two types of insulation in one application - it’s a balanced combination of spray foam insulation and blown-in insulation.  Depending on the project, we would combine the spray foam product and the cellulose blown-in insulation, or the spray foam product with the fiberglass blown-in insulation.  Industry-wide, either of these two options is considered to be the very BEST.  Why?  Because they provide the ultimate air sealing properties (using the spray foam) and excellent value (the spray foam combined with the blown-in insulation).  For some customers, and especially when we are doing a complete insulation removal, we will recommend one of our combination approaches.  We’ll remove existing insulation entirely, and start from scratch, deciding which product combination would be best, and which would best suit the scope of the job and the budget.

Now while it’s true that some of the above-mentioned applications could be taken on as a do-it-yourself project, it’s also true that these products and installation techniques require some refined experience and expertise.  For the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, every insulation project is viewed as a “system” – it means that we don’t just add insulation where required.  We make sure to install a proper air barrier (that prevents air movement) and an appropriate vapor barrier (that prevents moisture penetration).  In short, we do a comprehensive job, making certain that the home is well sealed, well ventilated, and well insulated.

If you are currently shopping for attic insulation in Bracebridge, or in one of the communities in Muskoka, choosing Great Northern Insulation as your contractor would be a wise choice.  We stand behind our products and services 100%; we provide the manufacturer’s warrantee to the customer; and we fully guarantee every install.  Even when we’re done, you have our commitment to replace or repair a problem situation (to government standards) at our cost.

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