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Basement Insulation in Bracebridge

Originally, residential basements were used for nothing more than doing the laundry and for storage. The hot water tank was down there; the furnace equipment was there; and maybe an oil tank. But it was always cold, damp, and uncomfortable. The walls were brick and mortar; there was little or no insulation; and definitely no drywall. Today, things are different - the basement has become livable.

In Bracebridge, insulating the basement space has allowed homeowners to experience a living area that is comfortable, functional, and family friendly. And for many homeowners, basements are now multi-purpose - sometimes with another bedroom; sometimes with an office space; and sometimes with a self contained apartment suite. But whatever the use, the most important thing is the comfort.

Basement comfort is directly related to how well the space is insulated. A well-insulated basement will provide a suitable comfort level from season to season, while ensuring energy efficiency during the entire year. Overall, good basement insulation will reduce energy consumption. Resulting in utility bills that are lower. This is especially noticeable in areas where temperatures are extreme.

Today, many residential homeowners still don’t fully realize how a properly insulated basement can deliver value. For professional contractors, there’s no discussion – the basement has to be as well insulated as the rest of the home. The truth is, insulating the basement is, without doubt, one of the best projects homeowner can undertake – it’s an investment that can be “paid down” quite quickly.

With professional expertise, and using a high quality product, there are numerous benefits to having the basement insulated. To begin with, air flow from the indoors to the outdoors is restricted. As well, the installed R-Value will be substantially enhanced. And finally, moisture is prevented from gathering. Overall, the energy efficiency is elevated, and the savings on utility costs are increased.

Is the cost of basement insulation worth it?

Without any doubt, insulating the basement is one of the best home projects that a homeowner can undertake. With a professional install, good insulation can reduce heating and cooling consumption, with annual savings that will pay off the original project cost in a very reasonable length of time.

Are the benefits of insulation noticeable?

There are a number of noticeable benefits. To begin with, the R-Value of the space (insulation value) is measurably improved. And with higher R-Values comes better insulation, a better comfort level, and improved energy consumption. Overall, energy efficiency contributes to reduced utility bills.

What would be the actual cost savings?

Annual cost savings will always depend on the quality of insulation product being used, as well as the quality of the installation method. There is no doubt that a high quality approach will bring better overall results, and in the end, those better results will translate into significant seasonal savings.

Are there building codes for insulating?

Building codes depend on building type and project scope. This is when a good contractor can be of service – knowing the building pre-requisites when insulating the basement, and being able to advise a homeowner about the product and installation that would best suit the basement size and layout.

Is prep-work required before insulating?

Most basements have some kind of water entry problem. Water entry is one of those problems that must be evaluated and remediated before any insulating takes place. But regardless of the severity, water entry issues must be handled properly from the start, and without compromise on quality.

What about the difficult-to-reach areas?

Mainly because of the house layout, basements have some areas that are difficult to reach. As a result, the areas are also difficult to properly insulate. This problem is easily solved with spray foam – it’s an ideal sealer and insulator that will effectively fill every nook and cranny, every crack and crevice.

In Bracebridge, it’s preferable to have basement insulation handled professionally. A good contractor can make sound recommendations for both product choice and installation method, and can offer the homeowner the most suitable options for the project. Today, many contractors are suggesting spray foam insulation, mainly because of the many benefits with one application. And one of those benefits is the high rating level of R-Value – no other product on the market can compare with spray foam.

From a professional point of view, the ultimate approach in the basement would include insulating the floor. With this application, foam insulation would be sprayed into the floor and covered with a conventional coating of concrete. This approach delivers the ultimate insulation, along with superior results.  But it’s not suited for every homeowner’s budget. Apart from the basement floor, the walls are a priority – and here, the focus is on creating an airtight environment that prevents air leakage.

Whatever the budget, and whatever the project scope, insulation is about conserving energy. And for the basement, spray foam has proven itself to be the so-called “go-to” product. It has many benefits per application, and performs better than any comparable product. It makes the basement airtight; it provides the highest R-Value, and it prevents air movement and air leakage. In short, it’s a product that delivers more short term and long-term benefits than anything else on the market.

For contractors and homeowners alike, spray foam insulation is a premium product option. It does therefore doesn’t suit every project budget. But in Bracebridge, Great Northern Insulation can offer the homeowner a good alternative – it’s a “hybrid” approach that combines two products into one installation. First off, foam insulation is sprayed as a base. It’s then topped-up with fiberglass “batts”, making for a cost effective installation, excellent results, and a realistic “payback” period.

The most important thing with basement insulation is for a homeowner to decide on an installation that is professional.  This is a project that should be handled expertly from the start. For the team at Great Northern Insulation, it’s a home improvement project that brings benefits and savings for the future. And for GNI – this is work that should be managed properly the first time around.

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