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Basement Insulation in Huntsville

For those who remember, the basement was mostly allocated for doing laundry and keeping storage. There oil tank was down there – the hot water tank - the furnace – and maybe a workshop or tools area. But the space was really unwelcome, mostly cold and damp. Basement walls were mainly brick and there wasn’t any insulation (let alone any drywall). People just didn’t live in the basement.

In Huntsville, basement insulation has made it possible to construct a livable space in the basement, one that is comfortable and functional at the same time. And for many homeowners, basements have become significant living spaces. For some, it’s become a home office; for others, another bedroom; and for others still, a complete self-sufficient apartment. Whatever the use, it’s a comfortable space.

Comfort in the basement is all about the insulation, and basements that are properly insulated will provide a comfortable living environment right around the year. As well, good basement insulation delivers energy efficiencies that will serve to reduce energy usage. And for the typical homeowner, that means lower seasonal utility bills, most especially in areas where temperatures are extreme.

The average homeowner doesn’t really appreciate the real value of good basement insulation. But for a professional contractor, a properly insulated basement is integral. It’s just as important as the rest of the house, and for some contractors, even more. Overall, basement insulation is actually one of the home improvement projects that has better long-term benefits and payoffs than other projects.

Professionally insulating the basement (a professional install with a high quality product delivers the best results. Unwanted airflow and air leakage will be restricted. The R-Value of the space itself will be enhanced. And moisture will be prevented from collecting. It will all contribute to reduced energy usage, translating into meaningful savings for winter heating and for summer air conditioning.

Is the upfront cost of basement insulation supportable?

Most contractors are in agreement that basement insulation is one of the better home improvement projects. In fact, a professional install will almost certainly guarantee better energy usage, and utility bills that are lower throughout the year. In short, the cost savings will “pay off” the upfront cost.

After basements are insulated, are the benefits notable?

Good insulation will definitely deliver benefits. The R-Value in the basement (insulating value) will be increased; the space will become more comfortable; and energy usage will be better balanced. But most importantly for the homeowner, heating and cooling bills will be markedly lower every season.

After insulating, can savings on utilities be measured?

Savings on seasonal utilities will depend on a number of variables:  the size/layout of the basement; the quality of the insulating product; and the method of installation. No doubt that a quality install, and especially using a quality product, will deliver the very best outcomes (and better savings).

Are there building code requirements to be followed?

Building codes and specifications differ with each building and with the scope of work undertaken.  In this respect, a reliable contractor can really be of service. The professionals understand the code requirements when insulating the basement, and will follow the codes, without taking any shortcuts.

What kind of preparation is required for insulating?

Before any insulating work can take place in the basement, the space must be perfectly dry. The most important thing is to assess if there is water entry. If so, this has to be repaired properly. It’s a job that should be professionally handled, so as to avoid any future problems from arising.

Difficult-to-reach areas – how are they insulated?

Depending on the layout of the home, there are probably some difficult-to-reach spots in and around the basement. These are difficult to insulate for most conventional insulation products. But spray foam insulation does it very well – it will seal and insulate even the most hard to reach spots.

In Huntsville, Ontario, having the basement insulated by a professional contractor would be a good option. A professional can offer sound recommendations for product and installation options, and who can expertly advise on an approach that best suits the circumstances. Today, many insulation contractors are suggesting spray foam for insulating the basement. It’s a product with many benefits, and it only takes one application, but best of all, it has a higher R-Value of any product on the market.

For many insulation professionals, the ultimate approach to basement insulation includes the floor. Here, the foam insulation product is sprayed directly into floor, and then covered over with concrete. This approach to insulation delivers the ultimate results, but it isn’t suitable for every project budget. Apart from the floor, the basement walls are a key element of an insulation envelope. And for the professional, the focus here is to make the entire space airtight (stops air movement and leakage).

Whatever the approach in the basement, every insulation project should have its focus on conserving energy. Today, professionals are recommending spray foam insulation for many parts of the home, and especially for the basement. It’s a product and application with better outcomes than any other product, and allows the installer to create a totally airtight space, with a “built-in” air barrier and vapor barrier. No other insulation product, or combination of insulation products can compare.

Spray foam insulation is a premium product and installation, and will not suit every homeowner’s budget. In Huntsville, Great Northern Insulation can offer homeowners an alternative to spray foam. It’s a “hybrid” install that combines two insulation products that both deliver excellent results. First of all, the spray foam product is installed into the wall cavities. Then, fiberglass “batts” are installed to boost the R-Value. This “hybrid” method is very cost effective, and with a short “payback” period.

The most important thing when insulating the basement is to do it right from the start. For the team at Great Northern Insulation, there is no other approach. Every install uses a top-quality product, and every application is handled with expertise and skill.  And for the homeowner, basement insulation translates into an improvement project with significant short-term savings, and important long-term benefits.

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