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What Type of Insulation is Better?

While today’s marketplace is full of insulation products, there is one that stands out, particularly for professionals in the business. WALLTITE ECO™ (spray foam insulation) is an insulator, an air barrier, and vapour barrier in one. When professionally installed, WALLTITE ECO™ is a seamless blanket of insulation that adheres to the vast majority of surfaces, and delivers more benefits than any comparable product. For Great Northern Insulation, WALLTITE ECO™ is the product-of-choice for a wide array of residential and commercial applications.

Throughout the insulation industry, WALLTITE ECO™ is acknowledged as a premium insulation product that offers high performance wherever installed. At GNI, install teams are highly trained and specialized with both product and installation. As it is, Spray Polyurethane Foam must be expertly installed in order to ensure maximum product integrity for the long term. A single application does it all - ensuring a completely airtight space - creating a combined air barrier and vapour barrier - and installing R-Value better than other products.

As a total insulation system, WALLTITE ECO™ is a premium, high-value product and application. With an expert install, this insulation will likely last a lifetime, without the need for replacement and without the need to replenish. In terms of project cost, WALLTITE ECO™ offers homeowners a “payback” that’s between two and seven years - meaning that the annual savings on heating and air conditioning will quickly offset the original project investment.

As the most effective approach to residential home insulation, WALLTITE ECO™ may still not suit all project budgets. Here, Great Northern Insulationrecommends a combined install, where the spray foam product is installed in conjunction with another compatible insulation product. This methodology has proven itself with excellent long-term results, superb product performance, and a cost effectiveness that suits most project budgets.



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