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Thermal Barrier

Thermal barriers are designed to retard the temperature rise of spray foam insulation during a fire, and to further delay (or even prevent) the spray foam from being engulfed by fire. As the recognized experts in spray foam insulation, Great Northern Insulation can provide the appropriate technical expertise required in selecting the right fireproofing product for the job. This is a time for expert product knowledge and special installation experience – a time where product specifications and building code compliance is essential.

Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

PFP is a fireproofing methodology that is designed to contain fire, or to slow a spreading fire. By employing fire-resistant materials, a building structure can be properly protected and consequently safeguarded. When properly installed, Passive Fire Protection can protect the building structure, the assets, and the occupants. Most importantly, appropriate fireproofing will protect structural steel in a building, and allow for essential “egress” time for occupants and residents to safely exit.

Protective Fireproofing Systems

Great Northern Insulation is recognized as a qualified application contractor for such products as AD Fire Protection Systems, Grace Monokote®, and Carboline® products. These are industry-standard fireproofing products (spray-applied) that are commonly used for interior structural steel applications. These products are designed to bond with steel and concrete, and create a protective coating that is uniform, durable and long wearing.  All of the products offer performance and value.

Mineral Fiber Fireproofing

Mineral fiber fireproofing products are well suited for structural steel columns, metal decking, and steel joists.  This is an application that requires expertise so that fireproofing AND thermal resistance (R-Value) is provided simultaneously. When dealing with sidewall fire separations, particularly those that require very specific “hour” ratings, mineral fiber fireproofing is ideal. In addition to fire protection and insulating value, mineral fiber will also provide soundproofing.

Intumescent Fireproof Coatings

Intumescent fireproof coatings are unique, as they are applied in “paint” form. When the coating is directly exposed to fire, it swells, and turns into a foam-like material that will protect steel materials from damage. An intumescent fireproofing application has aesthetic appeal – it’s a “decorative” coating that is perfect for exposed surfaces that need to look appealing. GNI installers routinely use these products in applications that require effective fire-protection for exposed structural steel.

Great Northern Insulation provides one-source fireproofing services to satisfy high-demand project needs. The expert team at GNI has the technical know-how and project expertise to undertake a project start to finish. The team will help a client to select the right fireproofing product for the job, manage the entire installation process, and ensure that the application is up to the highest standard. Whether it’s an industrial or commercial project, clients can rest assured that professionals are on hand.

For companies choosing professional fire-protection for their building, this is already an astute decision and a wise investment. With the proper fireproofing product in place, burning can be effectively diminished, and often prevented. Great Northern Insulation belongs to the National Fireproofing Contractors Association – a group of professionals who provide Passive Fire Protection that’s quite often a prerequisite of the building code. More important, fireproofing can prevent a catastrophe. 

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