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Retrofit Drill and Fill

Today, there are many residential homes (both old and new) that are being “retrofitted” with insulation. An insulation retrofit is simply an upgrading to ensure that “conditioned” air is kept within the home. In the winter, it means keeping warm air from escaping to the outdoors, and in summer it means keeping the cooled air from escaping. The insulation creates energy efficiency.

The drill-and-fill process is an innovative and effective installation where existing walls (interior or exterior) require insulation upgrading. Simply put, small holes are strategically drilled into the wall, between the wall studs. Loose fill insulation (often comprised of cellulose) is then carefully blown into the empty wall cavities. On completion, the holes are patched and the wall finished.

Retrofit drill and fill is a viable insulating option for many homes. For example, homes built from 1920 to 1960 did not require any wall insulation according to the building code – in the majority of these cases, the homes had absolutely no wall insulation. For the homeowner with walls that are noticeably cold to the touch (particularly exterior walls) retrofit drill and fill is the solution.

For homeowners who are experiencing excessively high heating or cooling costs, the drill and fill upgrade is an ideal option. For those who have uneven heating and cooling throughout the home, this is also a good reason to upgrade insulation. And in situations where the HVAC system (the furnace and air conditioner) is “overworking”, it’s definitely time to upgrade the insulation.

In terms of insulating products, the drill-and-fill retrofit is ideally suited for loose-fill insulation. It’s a product recommended by the professionals at Great Northern Insulation, primarily based on its performance value. The loose fill product is blown into a wall through the pre-drilled holes, and easily conforms to the empty cavity space – the product does not disturb the wall structure.

One of the benefits of retrofit drill-and-fill is that it can be installed from the interior walls of the home or the exterior walls. Completing the installation via the exterior walls can be very advantageous, especially where interior access isn’t possible. And for some homeowners, this could be the ultimate insulation retrofit – with upgraded R-Values that deliver substantial energy savings throughout the seasons.

Because loose fill insulation easily conforms to a given space, it doesn’t disturb or disrupt any physical structure - like enclosed, pre-existing walls. This means that an insulation upgrade can be performed without the need to do a full-scale renovation. In fact, the drill-and-fill approach can be performed on drywall, plaster, stucco, brick, wood siding, even vinyl siding.

The insulation professionals at Great Northern Insulation are highly experienced when it comes to drill-and-fill retrofits. They understand the nature of the insulation product, and are experts in installation. The GNI team insulates for maximum effect, creating a “building envelope” that will be energy efficient from season to season, while providing cost savings for the homeowner. 

Overall, retrofit drill-and-fill is a project with excellent return on investment. With a professional install, and a high quality insulation product, the long-term utility savings make the project cost well worthwhile.

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