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Explaining the Passive House

As energy efficiency becomes more and more of a priority throughout the building industry, original and inventive concepts like the Passive House become a reality. In describing the idea of the Passive House, one architect explained it very simply - a Passive House is like a “savings factory” that offers future security against ever-rising energy prices.

The Passive House has been in development in Europe for decades, and in more recent years, Canada is catching up in terms of research, development, and construction.

These houses are dramatically advanced when it comes to thermal insulation and airtightness. As such, the so-called “building envelope” requires dramatic changes in construction.

Conceptually, these houses proved that it was realistic to build homes in the cooler northern climates that didn’t need a traditional heating system. And it was possible to ensure indoor comfort for occupants, while providing a high standard of indoor air quality. Simply put, even today, a Passive House is the most cost-efficient house that can be built.

The long-term view with energy-efficient homes (in North America and the European Union) is focused on home construction that delivers economic benefits and ensures energy security.

The General Design Fundamentals

By any definition, the concept of a Passive House is revolutionary. It demands a whole new approach to design and construction. And with a view to home energy performance that will generate savings of 80-90%, big changes are required to conventional construction practices.

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