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Blown in Wall System

Key Benefits

GNI applied Owens Corning ProPink insulaton within the cavities of a studded wall has significant energy improvements over batt insulation. It is blown into the wall cavities minimizing air pockets which limits convective looping and air leakage thermal losses. The density of the insulation also increases the R-value per inch which also limits conductive heat loss.

Is it responsible?

The GNI applied fibreglass portion of the installed products is over 70% recycled content and made with natural materials and formaldehyde-free.

Is it cost effective?

It is a comparable solution to other products in terms of initial capital costs, but there are measurable cost benefits of energy savings. Your GNI representative would be happy to show how much you can save in your home.

How durable is it?

Fibreglass insulation is air and vapour permeable so moisture and air can move through the insulation. Uncontrolled indoor relative humidity can affect the performance and lifespan of the product and the assembly.

Can I be sure of quality application?

Only certified, approved applicators who have undergone rigorous training can install Owen's Corning ProPink. In addition, an infield quality assurance and control program is part of the CCMC approval.

Does it come with a warranty?

Great Northern Insulation stands firmly behind the workmanship of our crews and we are 100% commited to delivering a reliable, high quality service to all of our customers. Please ask your sales consultant for the Great Northern Insulation Customer Service Commitment.


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