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Spray Foam - An Airtight Radon Protection System

Radon – the Silent Killer

Radon is a radioactive gas produced naturally when uranium breaks down in the bedrock, soil, and ground water. Although it’s not lethal as it permeates the air, prolonged exposure to radon gas can be harmful.  Those who are exposed for a lengthy period of time have a 2%-5% lifetime risk of getting lung cancer. For those who smoke regularly, this risk increases to almost 20%.

Key Facts:


How Radon Can Enter a Building

In every building structure, air pressure inside is measurably lower than air pressure in the ground soil outside. In a residential home, as air escapes, air and gas from the ground soil (including radon) seep into the interior.

Radon gas can enter a building structure through all types of openings – the foundation, exterior walls, support beams, wall joints, even floor drains.


When to Get Protection

Since 2010, new building codes require that more preventative measures be in place for homes. One method is the mandatory installation of a sub slab depressurization pump. If a home was built before 2010, the radon level can be tested by using a home kit. Health Canada recommends that actions be taken if the results are higher than 200 Bq/m³. Contact a contractor certified by the C-NRPP.


Spray Foam - Radon Remediation & Prevention

You’re not just adding insulation. You’re also adding radon protection. It is becoming common knowledge that spray foam is the superior choice for insulation. Spray foam also creates a continuous air barrier that acts as a first line of defence against radon and other gases. Plus, spray foam is a vapour barrier that protects the foundation. It is a building’s secret weapon for protection.


Protecting a Building From Radon?
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*Spray foam supplements the effectiveness of a sub slab depressurization pump.

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