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Air Leakage Testing

Air leakage in a typical residential home has more effect on energy efficiency than most anything else. Every home, whatever its size, must be sealed tight to ensure optimum energy efficiency. Air leakage throughout the “building envelope” is the last thing a homeowner wants. For the experts at Great Northern Insulation, addressing air leakage is the first step in managing “air infiltration”.

For GNI, effective air sealing goes hand in hand with air circulation. Together, these two create a “system” that will benefit the home for years to come. A well sealed home, ventilated correctly, will balance the operation of the HVAC system (heating and cooling) and will noticeably improve the home’s energy efficiency. Best of all, energy consumption will be reduced and costs lessened.

Air leakage pathways

A blower door test accurately measures air leakage

Great Northern Insulation makes use of a standardized Blower Door Test to calculate the scope of air leakage in the home. The idea is to “depressurize” the home, and precisely assess airtightness. The GNI team will measure the extent of air leakage in the home as “air changes per hour” and at a pressure level of 50 Pascals (ACH50). The results define the amount of air leakage in the home. 

The Blower Door Test reveals the source and extent of air infiltration, from windows and doors, to holes, cracks, and openings. With air leakage accurately assessed, the home’s energy efficiency can also be assessed and rated. More importantly, GNI can make recommendations for effectively eliminating air leakage - retrofits and upgrades that will markedly improve energy efficiency.

An air leakage assessment will lead to an action plan

The Blower Door Test has proven to be one of the more valuable tools for expediting a residential energy audit. Airflow in and out of a home is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), providing reliable data that will set the stage for a homeowner action plan. However “leaky” a home might be there are a host of improvements that can be made to enhance energy efficiency/performance.

The goal of an action plan is to seal the “building envelope” tight, preventing any unwanted air infiltration. Here, GNI professionals can provide viable remedies – everything from strategic air sealing, to weatherization retrofits, to comprehensive home insulation. Once completed, retrofits will contribute to improved energy efficiency, and seasonal utility bills that are much reduced.

Quality home energy products/installations from GNI

When it comes to home energy, Great Northern Insulation offers the best quality products, along with superior installations. As the experts in Spray Foam Insulation, GNI provides highly effective air sealing from attic to basement – and with project results that outperform any other product or installation. SFI is the ultimate sealer and insulator, boosting energy efficiency exponentially. 

Spray Foam Insulation seals completely airtight (even in hard to reach spots). It forms both an air barrier and a vapour barrier, and it prevents moisture from accumulating. By any measurement, SFI delivers better energy efficiency and performance than anything on the market.

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