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Old Insulation Removal

As a professional contractor, new homebuilder, or renovation expert, you may be positioned to offer your customers insulation removal, as part of your service package - or you may not. We recommend doing it properly, or not doing it at all. The Internet is full of products and special equipment to make your job easier, but our industry experience and customer exposure has taught us that the removal of old insulation is best left to the experts in the field. This is a labor-intensive, time-consuming procedure, and much more so for the contractor without any previous experience. More importantly, there are potential hazards that may be riskier than the job is worth: there may be pre-existing hazardous materials present; there may be harmful deposits of mold and/or mildew; or there may be an accumulation of asbestos or vermiculite. Without the proper removal equipment and the appropriate safety gear, this is not territory for the uninitiated.

When you team up with Great Northern Insulation, we provide the experience and expertise that can make you look good on the job. Your customer probably has good reason to request the removal of insulation. But it’s also incumbent on you, as a professional, to advise them when removal is not necessary. We can assist with the entire process, from beginning to end, and with the least inconvenience for the customer. You may be confronted with a situation where there’s just too much existing insulation, and it’s restricting the airflow; or saturation of mold; or damaged insulation from a leaking roof. The dreaded scenario for any contractor is one where removal is necessitated by harmful, sometimes hazardous materials like vermiculite or asbestos. This one demands special care, special gear and singular expertise.

When it comes to a major renovation or retrofit, insulation removal may be necessary, and recommended. We all know that new insulation can be installed over old insulation, but for the purposes of an upgrade, the best results are achieved by removal and re-installation. And when working with a supplier/contractor like Great Northern Insulation, you can be assured of the most comprehensive approach – a complete and thorough job; quick, clean and safe; without compromising the comfort of the occupants. Our trained teams use state-of-the-art equipment, properly discard of waste, and leave the site in excellent shape for the next step of the process - installing brand new insulation.

A good contractor should also be helping a potential customer to understand that the removal of insulation is only part of a bigger picture. Certainly, removing every last bit of old insulation is essential, but the re-insulation process is just as critical. Doing the job right may require a new air barrier system; there may be a need to eliminate old and outdated wiring; or, there may be a requirement to install additional ducts and/or vents. Whatever the case, we always insist on proper sealing – in other words sealing it tight. And we further insist on proper ventilation – they both work together, they compliment each other, and one is completely inadequate without the other.

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