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Exterior Insulations & Coatings

You’re a good contractor – you might even consider yourself a great contractor. Well - if you provide your customers with high quality products, proper installation, and all of it on schedule and on budget - then you’re right. But there’s always room for improvement, and working together with an established and reputable supplier/contractor can only serve to enhance your position (whether it’s new construction, a retrofit, or a basic reno).

Being an expert in your field, you likely appreciate expertise throughout the industry, and understand that working in tandem with an expert supplier/contractor can only benefit your “tool kit”. And in the insulation business, this premise is especially true. A supplier that is proven and reliable can offer you an abundance of product options, a dependable supply, and levels of technical expertise that are hard to match. When you connect with a supplier/contractor, they’re on your side – you’re a customer, but you’re also a partner. So it’s just as important for them to deliver satisfaction to you, as it is for you to deliver satisfaction to your client.

Whether you’re starting off with a residential energy audit, or otherwise trying to qualify for government energy rebates, your effort is always focused on meeting your client’s insulation needs and delivering the goods: effective insulation and reduced energy costs. Working with a partner supplier opens up lots of possibilities: you may need to evaluate whether or not to use insulated sheathing (for the basement or exterior walls); you may want to consider a solution for improving insulation values around wood studs; or you may see a need for an infrared camera to be sure about the existing insulation. All of these scenarios are best explored by working with other experts in the field.

In some special cases, like spray foam insulation, or the application of protective coatings, you may need to hire an outside expert contractor to compliment your efforts. This is a time when a supplier/contractor can advise on the most suitable application for a given project – they know what approach to recommend, based on the parameters of the job, and they have the technical and professional staff to get the job done. As a professional yourself, you’ll know the local building code requirements, the client’s needs, and the unique challenges of the project. Working in tandem with the supplier/contractor will only result in better outcomes and better bottom lines.

There’s no doubt - anyone can jump over to one of the home improvement outlets, and stock up on PINK™ FIBERGLAS or STYROFOAM™ insulation. We all know those brands, but for the professional, there’s much more to insulating than just installing the product. You’re job, and your commitment, is to deliver a viable solution to the customer, whether it’s reduction of energy costs, improvement of the indoor environment, or something special, like addressing fire protection needs. Here again, the idea of partnering up with a respectable supplier is a win-win scenario. You’ll source the right product for the job; you’ll access the best install resources; you’ll collaborate with skilled technical people; and you’ll perform as the great contractor you are.

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