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Air Barriers

For the professional in the field, installation priorities must be clear and straightforward: to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable living space for every occupant. And any work that involves interior/exterior airflow will fall into this mandate, including a workable plan for control and maintenance. We know all of the variables: that airflow, along with moisture, has an impact on the long-term performance and integrity of a structure; that indoor air quality is directly affected by the diffusion of impurities and pollutants; and that airflow can impact the dynamics of interior heating and cooling.

In understanding airflow, it’s equally important to understand air barriers - efficient and effective design; viable and practical performance; and everything installed in compliance with code and regulations. The average homeowner understands the basics of heating and air conditioning, and not much more. It’s therefore incumbent on the professional to provide the expertise – product knowledge, installation experience, and problem solving know-how. And although its true that anything can become a do-it-yourself project – we know how that can turn out.

In any scenario – whether it’s a new house, a renovated space, or a retrofit project – the installed air barrier system must be fully impervious to air flow. Needless to say, every situation is unique, so every solution should be customized to the specific situation, and the challenge that is presented. A professional approach includes an assessment of product choices, methodical planning for the application/installation, and a sensitivity to budget and timeline. As a service provider, with clients and customers, it all contributes to a fruitful and productive relationship.

Today’s informed consumer understands that the complexities of this business are best handled by experts, and here, the professional must be well-prepared to offer expertise on product options, installation methods, and customized solutions for the homeowner’s specific needs. The best outcomes on any project result from the combined efforts of your customer and yourself, and a good balance between what the customers need, and what you have to offer. This fundamental approach serves equally on a smallish project, or a total building refit.

As a professional, your mission is to provide an air barrier system that suits the structure, and solves the problem. It could be a combination of traditional caulking, weather-stripping or rigid foam; or you may want to choose between single component foam, two component froth foam, or sprayed polyurethane foam; or it may be a more sophisticated system using bitumen sheet membranes. Your expertise and experience will dictate, and will be based on the primary goal of doing it right the first time. Indeed, the industry mantra of building it tight, and sealing it right should resonate on every piece of work and every project.

For today’s industry professional, working with an established, reputable supplier can provide countless benefits: a wider scope of product knowledge; a high level of customer service on product availability and delivery; and enhanced technical support for those unique challenges and exceptional problems. In short, a professional approach includes access to state-of-the-art products, access to the best available expertise, and a personal service attitude that aims to satisfy.

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