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Window Films

Introducing a Remarkable Comfortable Way to Reduce Your Energy Costs

Advantages of 3M Window Film

Increased Comfort and Energy Savings

Reduce Fading

Reduce Glare

A Comfortable Solution

Nothing hurts tenant retention like a building that is uncomfortable. Our window film is a great way to keep your tenants happy so they continue to lease from you.

Your Payback

How many other improvements can you make to your building that pay for themselves in less than five years?

With GNI applied 3M Window Film the results are so immediate and so significant that you can expect that the amount of money you save on energy costs could pay for our film and installation in less than five years.

"Now that we have upgraded our windows with 3M Films, we're comfortable without locking the view to the outside! The HVAC system works much better now and there are no more complaints about excessive heat. It has also really helped reduce the annoying glare. Thank you GNI for helping us solve these challenges."

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