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Enbridge Gas: Home Energy Conservation Program


Enbridge Gas Distribution is offering homeowners valuable incentives through the Home Energy Conservation Program. With savings of up to $2,000.00, the program is available in York Region; in the City of Toronto (includes the GTA); and in selected pockets of Ottawa, Peel, Durham, and Niagara. It’s a 3-pronged approach to conservation: improving the home’s energy efficiency; lowering seasonal energy bills; and lessening the impact on the environment. Overall, it’s a program that makes conservation easy to implement and affordable.

As a company, Enbridge Gas Distribution is dedicated to helping consumers reduce annual consumption of natural gas. More than ever, energy conservation is important, and making the appropriate upgrades today will set the stage for the future. For those customers who qualify, the Home Energy Conservation Program offers a straightforward, step-by-step process that is easy to follow and easy to implement. When the energy conservation retrofits are completed, the results are measured, and clearly show the changes between the before-and-after scenarios.

Qualifying for the program

  • The homeowner must be a current Enbridge customer
  • Enbridge accounts must be active and in good standing
  • The home’s primary heat source must be natural gas
  • Homeowners must reside in a qualifying community

The pre-retrofit energy audit

The pre-retrofit audit assesses the home’s existing energy efficiencies. The audit reveals the specific weaknesses where positive improvements can be made to enhance energy efficiency, conserve energy, and save on annual utility costs.

The homeowner must employ a Certified Energy Auditor who will assess the HVAC equipment, check the “building envelope”, and initiate a “blower door” test. An “energy score” is assigned to the property using the EnerGuide Rating System.

As part of the audit, recommendations are provided for the type of improvements than can be made. These retrofits are the basis for the upgrades that qualify for rebates. Upgrades are intended to optimize the home’s overall energy efficiency.

Enbridge pays $150 of the $350 audit cost. (HST not included)

Improvements and upgrades

The homeowner is required to implement at least 2 upgrades:

  • Installation of newly added attic insulation
  • Installation of basement wall insulation
  • Window installation and/or replacement
  • Installation of insulation for exposed floors
  • Air sealing (with minimum requirements)
  • Installation of high efficiency furnace/boiler
  • Installation of approved heat recovery system

The post-retrofit energy audit

The post-retrofit audit allows for a comparison of “before and after”.  The “after” energy score will be compared with the “before” energy score (prior to upgrades). To fully qualify for the Enbridge incentive there must be 25% in annual gas savings. Depending on the extent of upgrades, incentives are available for up to $2,000.00. These are designed to help offset the upfront costs of the recommended upgrades.


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