Understanding the Essentials of Basement Insulation

For most homeowners, insulating the basement is about keeping warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. But there’s more – basement insulation is also about energy efficiency for the entire house, and about energy savings from one season to the next. By any measure, insulating the basement is truly one of the better home improvement projects. Unlike other home improvements which are more cosmetic, basement insulation can deliver cost savings in the form of reduced utility bills. In other words, it’s a home improvement project that can be “paid down” over a number of years.

Like any other part of the home, product selection and installation are important considerations when insulating the basement. A reliable insulation professional can advise on which product is best, and which installation would be best suited. In fact, some basements may even need repairs prior to insulating, especially if there are water entry problems. Whatever the case, a professional contractor is highly recommended – someone who understands basement insulation and can deliver optimum outcomes. And today, many experts are suggesting Spray Polyurethane Foam as the ideal for basements.

The bottom line with a well-insulated basement is to improve energy efficiency. This will quickly translate into reduced heating and cooling bills, as well as annual savings that can offset the cost of the insulation project itself. With Spray Polyurethane Foam, for example, the R-Value in the basement will be enhanced; airflow and air leakage will be averted; and moisture will be prevented from accumulating. All in all, the basement will be sealed and insulated for optimum energy efficiency and consumption. The home will be more comfortable and the savings on utilities will be notable.

For basements, Spray Polyurethane Foam is unrivaled as an application. It will deliver more benefits in one install than any comparable insulation product. And for the professionals, SPF has become their product-of-choice. In terms of budget, however, SPF can be costly, and may not be a suitable option for every project budget. Here, a “hybrid” application could be the answer – a combination of SPF and another insulation product. It’s an installation that is cost-effective and with excellent outcomes. As well, the “hybrid” application also allows for a reasonable “pay-back” period.

The ultimate in basement insulation includes both the basement floor and the foundation walls. This approach goes well beyond any other installation, and allows for product performance that is truly unmatched. But whatever the final install, a professional insulation approach will provide a basement with the fundamentals. First, the space will be completely airtight and with no chance for air leakage. Second, there will be no possibility for moisture to collect. And third, the finished space will have the highest possible R-Value. In short, professional management will bring the best outcomes.

As it is, Spray Polyurethane Foam is the best insulation product on the market today. Expertly installed, the long term benefits and annual savings make the upfront cost a worthwhile investment.