Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation. More Product Benefits Than Other Insulation Products.

For the typical homeowner, insulation is about energy efficiency and energy savings. And while insulating the attic or roof tends to be the most common, insulating basement walls, attached garages, or interior walls can also deliver excellent outcomes. For all these applications, there are a number of products that have gained popularity, each of them for a different reason. But for the homeowner who has done a little research, Spray Polyurethane Foam has emerged as a viable option, with a great many short term/long term benefits.

Homeowners shopping around for home insulation have discovered that SPF can deliver more product benefits with one installation than any of the other comparable insulation products. And its effective in every part of the home – the roof; the attic; the basement; even the garage. Indeed, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has asserted that foundation walls insulated with Spray Polyurethane Foam provide more benefits than the other, more traditional options for insulating. Long-term, nothing compares with SPF.

Even the most basic product benefits of an SPF application are superior. It provides the best thermal resistance (R-Value); it serves as an excellent air-barrier; and it’s a superb vapor barrier that prevents moisture from collecting. All this with one application. SPF will also adhere to virtually any surface (flat or uneven) and will seal a given space completely. But for maximum performance, a proper installation is essential – a professional application that incorporates both experience and expertise for the best outcomes.

By any measure, SPF is not recommended for the DIY enthusiast – it’s just not a simple home improvement project for a long weekend. This is work for an expert who has experience with the special equipment, the unique product, and the complex installation. It’s also a project where building codes must be met, and manufacturer’s specs must be followed. Indeed, there are safety risks for those without expertise, and a rework after a poor installation could get stressful and costly. Simply put, SPF insulation is best left to the experts.

Spray Polyurethane Foam has proven its superiority in the residential housing industry for many years. That’s why more and more industry professionals are opting for SPF in projects large and small. They consider the product reliability to be above industry standards; they value the product’s performance in every part of a home (above ground and below); and they especially favor the sealing capability when an installation is complete. When product comparisons are made, nothing compares with SPF performance.

SPF insulation is known to be costly – but the product benefits and annual energy savings far outweigh the upfront investment. A finished installation will bring the highest R-Value to a given space. The installation does not allow for air leakage, nor does it allow for moisture to collect. And in the long term SPF will not compact or settle down, and will not lose its product integrity. Best of all, this is a home improvement project that will “pay down” with ongoing savings on heating and cooling bills throughout the year.