Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation. It’s Become the Favourite of Professionals.

Professional insulation contractors are routinely recommending Spray Polyurethane Foam as an insulation option for residential homes. And because of the excellent outcomes, SPF is quickly becoming an industry favorite for installers across the country. For very expansive spaces like attics and roofs, the product is ideal, and simply better than any other application.

SPF is an installation that requires expertise. Professional installers employ specialized equipment to ensure a “blanket” of insulation that is completely consistent and uniform. Installation experience is also a must, because the application starts off as liquid foam, and very quickly expands and hardens. The finished application results in a dense layer of insulation that is fixed.

Unlike most other insulation products and applications, SPF will envelop a space entirely, allowing an expert installer to seal every possible opening, hole and gap. Airtightness is essential for every insulation project, and the SPF product does better than anything else – even those hard-to-reach areas in the attic and roof can be completely coated and sealed with one application.

In terms of product efficacy, Spray Polyurethane Foam is unrivaled. It’s an installation that can do a lot with a single application. It installs higher R-Values than other insulation products. It doesn’t absorb moisture, and serves well as an excellent vapor barrier. The finished application is mold resistant, and will not compact or lose its product integrity over the long term.

For the most part, industry professionals regard SPF as a more costly project, but one that will pay for itself with long term savings on energy bills. With a professional install, an SPF application will last a lifetime, and will not require replacement or replenishment. Indeed, the long-term benefits, and the substantial savings on heating and cooling, make the project well worth it.

Today, many homeowners have their focus on energy efficiency and on energy savings. Spray Polyurethane Foam will deliver both, and will ensure the cost savings at the end of the year. But no application will perform at peak without a proper install. And here, it’s the professional contractor who has expertise with the SPF product, and skill with the complex application.

SPF is not a project for the inexperienced contractor, and certainly not for the inexperienced homeowner. It’s therefore important to contract a trained professional who knows the ins and outs of both product and installation. The risk of shoddy work isn’t worth the stress or added cost of a re-working. Clearly, its best to do the job right the first time – properly and professionally.

For Spray Polyurethane Foam, a professional approach is very much preferred. An established insulation company will offer installers who are qualified, licensed and certified – in other words, specialists in their field. They know how to prep a work-site; they use the right safety gear; and they properly safeguard residents (or occupants) during the entire installation.

Above all, a professional installation team ensures a standard of workmanship that will deliver optimum outcomes for the homeowner. So much so that product and installation are fully backed by the contracting company’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction.