With Spray Foam Insulation, It’s Best To Be Well Informed

With so many insulation contractors out there, and countless renovators installing spray foam, it’s sometimes difficult to separate the professionals from the impostors. Discovering bad work and substandard installation after the fact can be costly and stressful. The best thing is to avoid it all in advance by choosing installers that are knowledgeable, competent, and reputable.

Clearly, it’s not a good idea to choose an insulation contractor based only on price. In particular, spray foam requires a degree of experience and expertise with the product and installation.  The chemical compounds need special handling and installation requires proficiency. This isn’t the right time for a DIY effort, or the time for an untrained installer to take on the project.

Reputable installers offer their customers a manufacturer’s product warranty to assure long-term performance. As well, they offer a company guarantee to assure workmanship. Finally, for the benefit of the consumer, industry associations drive their professionals to deliver complete customer satisfaction on every job, along with the highest standards of job performance.

For the consumer, it’s best to be well informed. This will make for a good choice in an installer, and will set the stage for good decision making from start to finish.  The truth is, even with an excellent product like spray foam insulation, optimum performance can only be assured with a superior installation. And this is where a professional approach has many advantages.

Expertly applied, spray foam insulation provides more benefits than other insulation options. In the average home, R-Values are dramatically boosted, and utility costs (heating/cooling) are dramatically reduced. Spray foam also controls air movement and moisture collection, leading to improved air circulation. Best of all, everything is accomplished with a single install.

Spray foam products may not suit every homeowner’s budget. And cost comparing with other product options is not always fitting because of the many variables. Spray foam delivers better results than other products and will pay for itself with long years of performance.  Applications generally last for a lifetime, and there is never a need to replace or replenish the installation.

While it’s true that spray foam insulation is a big investment, the “pay down” period is actually quite reasonable (from 2 to 7 years). Simply put, the annual savings on heating and cooling will easily make the investment worthwhile. But it absolutely has to be done professionally – having to initiate a re-work will be an expensive proposition, and likely a very stressful experience.

Professional installers also do the job right the first time. They follow construction and building codes. They are mindful of local by-laws. And they install everything according to manufacturer specifications. Most importantly, professionals do not take unnecessary installation shortcuts and will not compromise the integrity of the installation based on budget considerations.

With spray foam products, expert installation can’t be overstated. The risks of a shoddy job are enough to dissuade any homeowner. But at the same time, an expert install will assure years of performance and excellent long-term value.