Spray Foam Insulation

When a contractor recommends spray foam insulation, it refers to an insulation compound that is commonly known as polyurethane foam.  Essentially, the compound is “sprayed” into an expansive cavity, like the attic, the roof, or the ceiling.  Using special equipment, a professional installer sprays the foam out as a liquid, and allows it to expand and then harden into the thick, dense coating that provides the final insulating layer. 

A well-installed application will cover everything in sight – and that includes holes, gaps, cracks and crevices.  Spray foam insulation is impermeable to air and moisture.  And this is exactly why the professionals prefer this product to anything else.  This product is multi-functional:  it does a superior job of sealing; it provides better R-values; and it even adds structural strength.  The team at Great Northern Insulation believes there’s NO better product on the market.

Spray foam insulation is recommended for new construction, renovations, and retrofits.  But no product will perform to its maximum potential without a quality installation.  The installer must be trained, skilled and experienced.  And the install must meet recognized construction and building codes, as well as local by-laws.  Above all, the product must be applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications.  It’s a project that must be executed right the first time.

Because of its chemical nature and a unique application process, the spray foam insulation product needs special handling – that’s why GNI does not recommend a do-it-yourself project.  A professional installer understands the nuances of the product, and the complexities of the installation.  A professional also knows how to properly prepare the work site; how to make use of safety equipment and protective gear; and how to safeguard occupants during the install.

In general, spray foam insulation is more costly than other insulation products.  However, with a cost-benefit assessment, its clear that the upfront cost delivers value.  This is a premium product that provides premium benefits – the application lasts a lifetime; it doesn’t need to be replaced or replenished; and it delivers a “pay-back” between 2 and 7 years.  It’s truly the definition of a good investment, especially when considering the long term.

The popularity of spray foam insulation has grown exponentially.  It’s because the product is so good, and the benefits so numerous:  seasonal heating and cooling costs are measurably reduced; R-values are enhanced wherever installed; and the movement of air and moisture is curtailed (making for better air circulation).  As well, Great Northern Insulation has observed higher re-sale prices on homes that have been insulated with spray foam.

In today’s contracting environment, shoddy work seems common, and spray foam insulation   is no exception.  But at Great Northern Insulation, things are different – our installers are all trained and certified; the products we sell and install are warrantied; and our manufacturers’ warrantees are sound.  Our people are insured and covered by WSIB, and above everything, our customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

When customers ask if spray foam insulation is the best choice, we invariably respond that it’s best overall insulation system when compared with the others.  For GNI, that’s the story.