Spray Foam Insulation – Special Equipment for a Special Install

For all intents, a successful spray foam application is dependent on a professional install. This is because the spray foam product and the application process are both dependent on the skill and proficiency of an expert. Spray foam is unique, and for maximum performance, the product preparation and installation approach must be precise and thorough. It’s the very best product on the market. Why not install it in the very best way? Indeed, why not get it done right the first time? 

Getting it done right means installing according to the manufacturer’s specifications. And with spray foam it’s essential – the product warranty will require it. But doing it right means more – installing according to the building code; following the local bi-laws; and appropriately preparing the worksite. A professional approach to spray foam also ensures safety for occupants and residents, as well as personal protection for workers. A spray foam install is not a project where one takes shortcuts.

A spray foam installation requires special equipment and special know-how. The PROPORTIONER, for example, pressurizes the chemical compounds and activates a chemical reaction that creates the foam. This is technical equipment that requires specialized training and expertise. The SPRAY FOAM GUN is the piece of equipment where the chemicals actually react with each other. And it’s the point where the installer starts to spray the foam into a given space, like the attic, wall, or ceiling.

Experience and expertise is key to a spray foam installation. A professional will make sure that the POWER SUPPLY is 100% reliable. Since all the equipment runs on electricity, reliability ensures a consistent application. COMPRESSED AIR is also required, because constant airflow and air pressure are vital to proper equipment operation, and consequently, a proper install. To the initiated, these pieces of equipment sound basic – to the professional they are fundamental.

At every jobsite, safety is the most important consideration – and it applies to every contractor, homebuilder, and renovator. For the professional, there is no substitute to safety, and especially during an installation of spray foam. Worker SAFETY GEAR is a requisite – handling, preparing and spraying foam requires personal protection. Above all, direct contact with the spray foam product is avoided by using proper respiratory protection, as well as personal protective gear.

Today, with the advent of home improvement centers, and so much focus on the DIY approach, it’s no wonder that homeowners are exploring the DIY option for spray foam insulation. Simply put, spray foam insulation is not recommended for the DIY individual. And although home centers offer all kinds of products, equipment, and workshops, the effort is full of risk. Worst case, having to call in a professional for a re-work or re-install (on a DIY effort) can be very stressful and very costly.

It’s simple – spray foam insulation requires a highly trained installer who is licensed and certified. The spray foam professional brings product knowledge and expertise to every jobe, as well as installation experience from many successful installs