Spray Foam Insulation – The Most Popular in the Country!

Spray foam installations are growing in leaps and bounds across the country.  And like anything else, all of the attention brings on added scrutiny.  With product usage growing at close to 40% every year, it means that the scrutiny is necessitated – and that’s good for those in the industry and especially for consumers.  Being informed and educated is the best starting point for the consumer – it makes for better decision-making when it’s time to choose specific spray foam products, and when choosing the right insulation contractor.

Like any industry, inadequate spray foam installations are part of the landscape, but industry statistics show that occurrences are rare – only a handful of complaints are registered every year.  But regardless of the numbers, the best scenario for the consumer is to be astute when considering spray foam as an insulation option.  Being a discriminating consumer can make all the difference between a good job and a great job.  And the same applies for choosing a reliable, reputable insulation contractor.

For all intents, spray foam insulation should be acknowledged as a project for the professionals.  But like so many other industries, the so-called professional may not be.  The professionals are associated with quality products and quality installations – they provide a sound guarantee from the product manufacturer, and a solid commitment and warrantee on work performed.  Without solid contractor commitments, the potential for pitfalls is wide open.  It’s therefore vital to choose the right contractor and follow the age-old adage – better safe than sorry.

Unlike the rules and regulations in the USA, Canadian industry standards govern both the spray foam product and the installation, but once again, it’s important for the buyer to be aware.  A good insulation contractor will guide you through the installation process, and will recommend insulation that suits your needs and your circumstances.  This should include a discussion of health and safety issues, and perhaps a review of product information in the event that the residents have specific allergies or sensitivities.  It’s the responsible thing to do.

A professional approach means professionalism from day one.  An unusually cheap quote is not a good sign – spray foam insulation is involved, complex and premium-priced.    Also, installers should be certified and licensed, with appropriate workplace insurance, and liability coverage.  A professional approach means safety and security for both workers and occupants.  For the consumer, making astute decisions will avoid bad outcomes – a spray foam re-work or re-do can get expensive and dangerous, let alone stressful.

The very best insulation contractor will go the full distance for the customer, and offer 100% customer satisfaction, with an implied commitment to fix or replace any deficiencies.  To be sure, that’s something to look out for, and something that could pay great dividends in the long run.  On the down side, there’s no shortage of shoddy workmanship, inadequate installations and unreliable performers – it just makes it so to find the right contractor.  In the end, it’s up to the individual consumer, doing the homework and making the best possible decisions.