Spray Foam Insulation – It’s Become the Product-Of-Choice For the Home.

When it comes time to insulate, it’s critical to choose an insulation product that suits the job. This premise applies equally for new home construction, renovations or retrofitting. When insulating the home, numerous decisions must be made, and it’s best to be well informed – an informed consumer makes better decisions and works more productively with a contractor. If you’ve done the research, and have already decided on spray foam insulation, you’re joining many satisfied homeowners.

The fact is, more and more contractors are opting for the spray foam insulation, and it has quickly become the product-of-choice for many. At the same time, many more homeowners are choosing spray foam, mainly because of proven product benefits and long-term results. Choosing the right contractor is also a challenge, and here, it’s preferable to choose a reliable, reputable, well established company. Having a contractor who is up front and open will have the best outcomes.

Like any major investment, a detailed price quote is key. But the focus should not be on price alone, and this is especially true with spray foam insulation. A “low-ball” estimate is suspicious, and it’s important to compare “apples and apples” – the idea of throwing around numbers to close a sale is simply questionable. A good pricing estimate will also include a specific job description: the proposed R-Value coverage; precise product information; and well defined installation details.

Every contractor wants to secure business and close the sale. But they also have a responsibility to clearly answer your questions. You are the customer, so ask about everything – about the product warranty; the installation warranty; different price options; even after-market service. With spray foam insulation, all of these factors are important – the product is unique and different, and the installation process can be quite complex. This is a project where covering all the bases is critical.

Depending on the extent of your insulation project, there may be some prep-work that can be done to reduce the contractor’s labor load and reduce the project price. It may be basic demolition, or simply preparing the installation space – even the removal of screws and nails and hardware is helpful. Finally, if there are other contractors involved (plumbing, HVAC, or electrical) make certain that all are well-coordinated and somehow working in cooperation with each other.

Beyond overall project management, a professional insulation contractor will focus on doing the job right the first time – and without taking any shortcuts. The building code must be followed, local by-laws must be obeyed, and most importantly, project safety must be a priority. The contractor must ensure that occupants and residents are safe during the installation period and immediately after. Indeed, a spray foam install may require vacating the premises for a 24-hour period.

All things considered, a decision to install spray foam insulation in the home is both sound and smart. No other product on the market can provide as many benefits, and no other product can compare with the overall cost savings on energy. It’s quite simply the best insulation product on the market.