Why Spray Foam Insulation Has Become the Contractor’s Favourite

The use of spray foam insulation has grown dramatically in the last decade, mainly because customers are satisfied with the results. It’s a unique product and a specialized install, so project success is essential. But with a product like spray foam, an experienced contractor can deliver positive results for both the short term and long term. The truth is, there isn’t much debate about the superior quality of spray foam or the efficacy of the application. So it’s no wonder that the product has become a favorite of so many contractors.


New homebuilders, general contractors and independent renovators are all choosing spray foam insulation as their product-of-choice. And it applies equally to new builds, renovations, and retrofitting. For both contractor and customer, a spray foam installation delivers great results – the outcomes are as promised; the manufacturer warrantee backs the product; and the installer guarantees the application. The main thing is that it all works, and there’s no other insulation product on the market that can provide as many benefits.


Regardless of project size, spray foam insulation can REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION, and that translates into energy savings and cost savings around the year. In fact, a thorough and comprehensive spray foam application in a typical attic can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. (Spray foam insulation also enhances the resale value of the property.)


An expert spray foam application also RESTRICTS AIR INFILTRATION. This is key for any insulation to be effective. As well, the spray foam firmly adheres to any surface, and creates an impervious air barrier and moisture barrier simultaneously. In short, it’s a contractor’s delight – a multipurpose application that delivers desirable results for the customer.


Spray foam insulation DOES NOT DETERIORATE. The application doesn’t settle or shrink, and requires no “topping up” (like so many other products). Also, it doesn’t lose its R-Value over the long run, and maintains its superior insulating value for a lifetime. This is an install that a contractor can expedite successfully and ensure customer satisfaction.


Because spray foam is impervious to moisture, typical air-laden MOISTURE IS CONTROLLED. As a result, condensation is prevented from developing; mold and mildew are inhibited; and moisture doesn’t penetrate or deteriorate the insulation. It contributes to a “system” that enhances the indoor air environment and provides home comfort at the same time.

One of the premier benefits of spray foam is its SUPERIOR R-VALUE. No other product can compare with the high R-Values, and especially in the climate zones that experience extreme temperatures. And along with superior R-Values come energy savings and utility savings around the year. Long term, the dollar savings make a project of this type well worthwhile.

Today, many customers are asking for products that are ECO-FRIENDLY. When properly installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, spray foam insulation has some eco-friendly attributes: there are no carbon dioxide emissions; HVAC exhausts during heating and cool cycles are reduced; and there is no ozone-depleting effect during or after the install.

Spray foam insulation is a win-win. Homeowners are delighted with short and long-term outcomes, and contractors are delighted to deliver product results that are so multi-faceted.