Simple Living in Tinker’s Bubble

Be one with nature in Tinker’s Bubble

This is an apple press found in Tinker's Bubble

This is an apple press found in Tinker’s Bubble

Talk about being eco-friendly! This small community in England, called Tinker’s Bubble, is aimed at low-impact living and being as eco-friendly as possible. Formed in 1994, this group of individuals lives in a hand-made community that can self-sustain – everything from food, clothes, income, and dwellings.

Tinker’s Bubble keeps itself running with little assistance from the outside world. It is sustained by people sharing daily tasks, domestic duties, and selling their produce and crafts at an organic market.

To read more about how this community is sustained, visit Tinker’s Bubble.

What are you thoughts – would you be able to live this close with nature?