Save $700 on Your Energy Bills

You can save up to $700 on your energy bills just by making a few simple changes to your home, some requiring as little effort as pushing a button! Kim Pressnail, an associate professor of civil engineering at the University of Toronto, and a team of students have been doing a study on increasing energy efficiency within the home and have come up with some interesting statistics. 

700-of-Savings1– The majority of Canadians that use air conditioning set their thermostat at 22 degrees Celsius or lower. You can save up to $250 just by increasing your thermostat by 2 degrees.

– You can save as much as $75 by topping up your attic insulation

– You can save $120 by adding to the insulation in your basement.

– Sealing air leaks around baseboards, caulking drafty windows, and air sealing along basement headers can save you around $245

From theses results its easy to see that: Insulation=Savings