How to Prepare Your Attic for Professional Insulation

Like any home improvement project, home insulation requires proper planning and preparation. And because insulation work can be involved, planning is even more relevant. Many homeowners are tempted to try a do-it-yourself approach with home insulation. And while there are savings to be had, there are more reasons to seek professional expertise than not. At the same time, doing the necessary homework will make for better homeowner decisions during the life of the project.

When one considers the extent of work involved with home insulation, it’s clear that professional experience is required. In the attic, for example, there may be a need to remove aging insulation (perhaps even deteriorated materials). There may also be a need for various repairs. And in most cases, there will be a need to air-seal the space effectively. Finally, to complete the job, ventilation will have to be enhanced or re-installed. In short, this is all well beyond the average homeowner.

Professional insulation contractors will rarely install new insulation without air-sealing a space like the attic. With so much heat and air conditioning escaping through openings in the attic, air sealing is an absolute must. In fact, insulation without air sealing could be considered a waste of money. The same applies to attic ventilation – attics (and roof cavities) need to breathe, so that moisture-laden air doesn’t accumulate and compromise the effectiveness of the new insulation.

Air sealing or ventilation – both require expertise in designing and installation. Once again, a DIY approach can potentially cause more problems down the line. This is “building science” and does actually require a professional touch. The thing is, air sealing, insulation and ventilation comprise a “system” – everything has to work in sync. Products must be installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, so that the “system” delivers the maximum in energy efficiencies for the long term.

Whether it’s preparing the attic for insulating, choosing the right product for the job, or the actual installation, there are many moving pieces. And beyond expertise, there’s equipment required, specialty tools, and protective gear. With Great Northern Insulation, homeowners can be assured that a project like attic insulation is managed professionally from start to finish. GNI does it all under one roof – energy assessments; insulation removal; quality products; and superior installs.

With Great Northern Insulation, homeowners benefit from decades of home insulation expertise. GNI ensures customer satisfaction with high quality products and manufacturer warranties that provide reassurance for years. GNI installers are the best in the business – they are highly trained; install everything to code; and follow the manufacturer’s product specifications. Workmanship is guaranteed, and any post-installation issues are handled expeditiously, to ensure satisfaction.

Today, many home improvement centres are touting the DIY approach, along with products and equipment to do the work. While it’s true that cost savings are appealing, a professional approach is the one that will deliver the best overall results. Expertly managed and professionally installed, quality insulation can deliver substantial cost savings on utilities throughout the year.