Spray Foam Insulation – The Most Popular in the Country!

Spray foam installations are growing in leaps and bounds across the country.  And like anything else, all of the attention brings on added scrutiny.  With product usage growing at close to 40% every year, it means that the scrutiny is necessitated – and that’s good for those in the industry and especially for consumers.  Being informed and educated is the best starting point for the consumer – it makes for better decision-making when it’s time to choose specific spray foam products, and when choosing the right insulation contractor. Continue reading

Viable Options to Ensure Proper Attic Insulation

For proper attic insulation, one thing that contractors agree on completely is using the right product (or combination of products) for the job.  Even before choosing the product, there are some important considerations, and a good contractor will work with the customer to best assess the project needs.  To begin with, a thorough attic inspection would be in order – then an assessment of the existing conditions – then some debate about product options – and finally, a discussion about costs. Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation Can Reduce Energy Costs By Up To 50%

Every product manufacturer and every contractor makes product claims and promises.  That’s why it’s important to be an informed, educated consumer.  That way, decision-making is made easier, whether it’s about choosing the right product OR the right contractor.  As for spray foam insulation, it’s a product and installation that is acknowledged to be more costly than others, but it’s also recognized as a long-term investment that is well worthwhile.  Continue reading

Spray Foam Insulation Today, It’s the Contractor’s Favourite

Building materials and construction costs have all been on the increase in the last few years.  At the same time, there is increasing consumer demand for energy efficiency.  Ands that, of course, includes home building products, as well as construction techniques.  Spray foam insulation has fast become the “cure-all” for all of the above.  It has proven itself as the best multi-functional insulation product on the market today, with practically no similar products that can compare Continue reading